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If you want to build your audience, then the very first thing is to create a SEO optimized contents that your readers loves and search engine friendly.

There are different factors involves in SEO Optimized content creation.For building your audience you can make your contents more wisely and smarter way.

Creating a SEO Optimized contents is a very awesome thing that i always loved. If you optimizing your blog posts in a better way then there are high chance to getting higher ranking in search engine.

People think this is the toughest task and if you ask me then my answer is also “YES“. But in my style it is yet a very simple task. In this article, I share 13 Tips to create a SEO optimized contents for your readers.

Before writing SEO friendly and fully optimized contents you know about the term “What is SEO” before knowing this technique you can’t be able to writing an awesome and attracting blog posts.

But if you know little bit about SEO techniques, like how to create backlinks from guest posting and blog commenting, content sharing etc. That’s all are awesome way but these methods are off-page SEO techniques.

If you know about off-page SEO then generating high quality posts and ranking higher in search engine not a tough for you via On-page SEO techniques.

13 onpage seo tips to write seo optimized articles to rank on google 1st page

There are 200+ ranking factors of Google and all major search engine for ranking your blog posts in search results. So always write an optimized and SEO friendly contents that search engine wants.

Google determines the relevance of your page by simply analyzing its contents which is based on several factors. Google also measuring the authority that particular links which are pointing to the other web page.

In this post, we are going to see out how to write or create an SEO Optimized blog posts that your readers loves and optimized for search engines too.

Let’s start and make sure you’re doing these tactics of SEO Friendly content creation right.

13 Killer Tips To Write a SEO Optimized Articles / Blog Post

Now here are some tips which you follow for creating SEO Friendly and fully optimized contents that your readers loved and search engine too, If you implement these techniques properly then you can easily rank on Google first page.

#1 – Think before Writing Content

Before writing your new post, first of all think hard about the main theme of your post. Which are the important things which you want to telling to your readers and getting higher result from them. Ask to yourself as a reader? Which are the things that I want to search and want to read. After think properly, doesn’t waste time just do that stuff wisely and properly.

#2 – Write as a Natural Human Being Not Robots

Write naturally means that, writing without thinking. When your create contents without thinking anything like which keywords and where it added, not worried about SEO, keyword density , headings then you will creating a natural contents which is purely write a human being.

At last you will producing a great contents which your readers likes. But before doing this, just one thing that you also should do.

Before writing anything you should know which are the targeted keywords is, and also some other long tail keywords that helps you which is same like your targeted keywords.

Now you start an article and adding all these keywords and your targeted keywords on some places. After writing the whole article, now checkout the keyword density which is approximately between 10 to 15 keywords in 500 words article. Means upto 2% to 3% keyword density allow by all search engine like Google.

Also formatting your article like bold your targeted keywords, similarly italic this keyword and then underlined on three different places. In this way, your first requirement of creating SEO optimized contents is fulfill with all major requirements.

#3 – Use Paragraph in Your Article / Post

Writing in small paragraphs is a very awesome, professional and SEO friendly technique which both your readers and search engine loves. If you write an article about 500 words and don’t broke down into paragraphs then it look like very bad and unreadable and your reader would be easily skip it without further reading.

Always broke your texts into small sized pieces means paragraphs which make your content more professional and readable. Paragraphs make your content look more awesome and your readers will like it and share it.

#4 – SEO Friendly Post Title

Post Title is the theme of your article. Users only read the post title and if they like it they reading the whole article. So always tried to write a catchy and attracting post title that attracts your readers and force them to reading the whole article.

on page seo tips to write optimized post title

Post Title is very important factor to create SEO Friendly content. In post title, include your primary keyword only once which you want to target.

Don’t copy the post title from other posts, you should getting an idea from them but not copy it because search engine doesn’t allow this technique. You can make your title different from others but relevant.

If you do that thing properly then your readers automatically reads your contents as a whole and you’ll also getting more traffic from search engine.

#5 – Post Web Address URL / Permalinks

Permalinks or web address URL is the unique for every new post in your blog. This also helps you to getting ranking higher in search engine. So also focus on it and make your URL properly.

on page seo tips to write seo optimized url

When we write a new post, the permalinks automatically catch by your software while you use Blogger or WordPress or any other. You will edit this and make it as short as you can.

For example, if we write a post on “Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online Via Blogging” then our permalinks will automatically would be :


We should edit this URL and make this short , simple but optimized. Now we change it:


Which is more attracting and more catchy for search engine as well as your readers. Now this is the important factor in content creation.

#6 – Optimized Your Meta Tag Description

Meta Description is the post description which you can write upto 150 letters for search engine especially as well your readers. When search engine indexed your web page, it wills also crawling your meta description which they show in the search results (SERP).

on page seo tips to write seo optimized meta description

Simply optimized your meta tags using different words. Means don’t copy from your post contents; always try to write a unique description for your post. You can also use your primary keyword in it but only once.

In this way, you can easily optimized your post description and it will helps you for better ranking in search engine and getting huge amount of organic traffic to your site.

#7 – Using Headings (H1, H2, H3)

Headings play an important role in SEO. Headings will describe the whole paragraph, if your headings is not good, then here is a big chance your readers doesn’t read your whole paragraph. There are 6 type of headings used in HTML web pages. But we focus one the first three headings like H1, H2 and H3.

Generally H1 Heading used in post title on all templates and themes although you’re on WordPress or Blogger. In the same article, we also use H2 Heading using the same targeted keywords and make it long tail.

Similarly, we also use the H3 Heading in this article, in which we again adding our primary keyword. So in this way, you create a SEO optimized contents which is very awesome and your readers loves it.

#8 – Adding Images to Create More Appealing Content

As you see or listen many times on the internet that:

“Images Speaks Better Than Texts”

Which means images can speak better than your texts. User loves images and if these are attracting then you’ll get an extra traffic to your site.

If you’re writing a post-up-to 3000 words and not adding a single image in it, then your readers will be bored and hope they leave your site instantly. So we don’t want this, right?

Always adding at-least one image in 500 words article but you can adding as many as you want according to your content. Images make your post look more dashing and more awesome which your readers loves to read.

I not recommended you download images from Google Search. Because these pictures are already indexed and they will not give you better ranking.

But you can use these images by some editing and cropping it. When you download images from Google Search, its name are something like that “image-24545454-jpg” which is not useful for us.

So we download these images and then offline change their name like “image-of-seo-tips” and then edit and cropping this image and save in your computer and then upload to the server.

But I recommended you to use free stock images and then edit these images. Before adding these images into your post, first of all change it name offline and then upload to the server. Like if your image about “SEO Tips” and its name is “Blogging Tips” then this is not good for us.

You can write its name “SEO Tips For Bloggers” or something like that according to your image and then upload to the server. After that, you can do two important things like adding ALT tag and Description.

When you upload the images on the server, go to its properties and adding the “ALT Tag” and “Meta Description” and then save it. So in this way you images will be completely optimized and ranked well in the search engine results (SERP’s).

#9 – Nofollow External Links (Outbound Links)

The big mistake that almost every newbie blogger done, that to makes external links dofollow. When you adding any external or third part URL into your post, by default these links are dofollow, which means you allow search engine to follow and crawling these links.


In this way, you’re site link juice will be dropped and goes to other sites which is very harmful for us. So always makes external links nofollow by adding the HTML attribute (rel=”nofollow” ) to every particular external links.

#10 – Internal Links and Anchor Texts (Inbound Links)

I see on many blogs, especially newbie don’t interlinking their web pages to the post. That’s why they don’t rank in the search engine. Interlinking is the very important factor which Google also tells to webmasters for higher search ranking.

Anchor Texts are the inter-links which we select for linking to other page. Always keeps in mind that not uses this on a wrong way. This will harm you and dropping your ranking easily.

Choose anchor texts wisely which is fully related to those particular posts which you want to interlinks. I recommended you to adding at least 2 to 5 internal links on every 500 words article, if you want high ranking in Search Engine.

#11 – Use LSI Keywords to Boost Traffic

LSI stand for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. LSI keyword’s means the related words to your targeted keywords. When you search on the Google, and type any keyword in the search bar, then Google will displayed very similar keyword in the drop down list. These keywords are called LSI Keywords.

This is my personal experience that, if you use up to 15 to 20 LSI keywords into your article, your post will be flying like rocket. You’ll getting a huge amount of traffic with this strategy, but make sure you do this process carefully and not spamming.

#12 -Optimize Length of Your Article

Write a new article with minimum 300 words. Because as long your article is, you can target more keywords and getting high ranking in SERP.

seo optimized post lengh

But I personally recommended you to write an article more than 500 words which is the recommended length of an article.

But this is not same for all blog topic / niche, means if you’re writing about “How to make a recipe” then you don’t need to write 500 above article, you can solve this guide in 200 to 300 words too. This will not affect anything.

But I recommended you always writing a long and in-depth article that covers the whole topic and you’ll getting high ranking easily in search engine.

#13 – Adding Media (Video , Infographics, Photos)

Without colors our life is so boring, same like in content creation, when you write a article without media like without images, video, infographic etc, the only texts is so boring for your readers as well as yourself.

So I always recommended you if you want to create a SEO optimized contents then always adding media (video, photos, infographic ) etc. In your article and makes it more attractive. User loves media so doing this stuff wisely then see the magic.

Final Words:

That was the full guide about create a SEO Optimized contents . These are the important tips that I personally used which I learn after reading thousands of posts, asking many bloggers and webmasters to rank higher in search engine results.

If you follow these 13 tips and writing fully SEO optimized articles, then I guarantee it you will be ranked higher in search engine in a very less time. These all steps are important which almost every professional used.

So if you liked this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. You can also leave your precious comments below. And if you consider that, there is something missing in this post, then I waiting for your advices. Thanks

To Your SEO Optimized Content Creation Success ! ! !

Aamir Saleem Ansari