YouTube Subscribers: 20 Tips to Get Free Subscribers on YouTube in 2017

YouTube Subscribers: 20 Tips to Get Free Subscribers on YouTube in 2017

When any newbie start working on YouTube, and create YouTube channel, uploading videos and then try to get more views and more subscribers. But the ba

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When any newbie start working on YouTube, and create YouTube channel, uploading videos and then try to get more views and more subscribers. But the basic question they always find on different places that,how to get more views on YouTube and how to get free YouTube subscribers to their newly born YouTube channel.

In content marketing, video content is the most useful and leading way to fulfill your needs. YouTube is currently the world leading platform for video blogging (vlogging), video sharing and most important is video marketing.

get free youtube subscribers

The best part of YouTube is that, it is completely free platform offered by Google and millions or even billions of people use it on daily basis.

No doubt, all other famous social platforms like Facebook, Twitter also stepped into the video marketing game, but they still fall way short of having the kind of impact that YouTube has.

In case you’re curious, YouTube subscribers are exactly like your other social media followers.Instead, these users subscribe your YouTube channel, so they’re updates every time you post something new.

YouTube is a great platform for bloggers to broaden their internet reach by making a personal connection with their followers.

If you’re a blogger, and want to say something live with your readers, then videos are the best way and YouTube will helps you. The more possibility for a blogger to leverage this social media giant and drive huge organic traffic to your blog or websites.

So, for this purpose, the only one behind that is more subscribers. So below I’ll discussed 20 smart ways to get free YouTube subscribers on YouTube.

Getting more subscribers can seem like a difficult task, because it is not possible for every newbie to get as much subscribers to their starting time, but I’ll share 20 tips to help you get your first 1000 subscribers that helps you to grow your newly YouTube channel.

20 Fast & Easy Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers in 2017

I hope you know about YouTube subscribers, now below I’ll discussed 20 fast and easiest ways that will helps you to get free YouTube subscribers on your YouTube channel.


#1 – Customize Your Channel

There is no doubt, visuality has a great impact on everyone. If your visual look great, then you can interact almost everyone.

Same like on YouTube, if you’ve a YouTube channel, then it is important for you to use most of the customization options that YouTube has to offer.

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Make yourself a professional YouTuber, and your viewers will be sure to respect and trust you.

It is very important to create a custom YouTube channel art banner and custom YouTube logo for your channel.

Channel art for YouTube will help you establish yourself as a brand.

Also adding your social links on YouTube, create an optimized channel description, add channel meta tags.

Also adds your living country, and other settings which I show you in my latest YouTube training tutorial below.

#2 – Upload Useful Content Consistently

“Content is King” this is the world million dollars $$$ sentence. If you’re a blogger, or vlogger or writer, content is always important, and if your content is not useful then believe me you can’t be ever get successful.

content is king

People think that this is one of the most difficult things to do a content creator on YouTube. If you take a look around YouTube and find videos related to your interest, then see that every video has been created under the sun shine.

Always create videos that people want to see and watch on YouTube. Like if people want to watch videos about “How to get more views on YouTube” then you can find the ways and create videos about this topic and share on YouTube.

Then see the magic of YouTube, your video will be goes viral on a very little time and you will easily get free YouTube subscribers.

#3 – Create Scripts for Your Videos

Always plan your videos and then create it and sharing with the world on YouTube. Videos content tend to perform more better way if you writing a script for every video because it helps you to organizing your videos more effectively and efficiently. Create script more efficiently and get free YouTube subscribers.

Always include as much details as you can as possible included:

The exact phrases you are going to say.

The different actions that you will be taking in your videos.

Focus on the primary keyword.

Add Important call to action links.

Also identify your audience and then use appropriate language for better result.

#4 – Increase Your Uploading Speed

I’m not saying that, you’ll be uploading a huge amount of stuffs on your channels, but the valuable, useful and informational. Always create videos that helps viewers to solve their problems and hence increase the your uploading frequency.

The main reason behind this is that, people who loves your videos, always want to watch more latest stuffs, so it is very important to share your latest videos with them in regular basis. The more videos you upload, the more views you’ll get and get more free YouTube subscribers.

#5 – Eye-Catching Video Title

Title is the best part of your videos and people as well as search engines also recognized your content on the basis of video title. The more attracting video title, you’ll getting more views and more free YouTube subscribers.

youtube video title tips

If your title eye-catching, attracting and also covers your primary and focused keywords, then you can ranked easily.

YouTube allows you to add 100 characters into your video, but I don’t recommend you, because short but attracting title gives more views and subscribers as compared to long title.

Title must be optimized, included your primary keyword, focus on your main objective and then optimize it with professionalism. Also make it as much engaging as you can: e.g

“20 Tips to get more subscribers on YouTube” but you can also do this as well:

“20 Easy Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers for Beginners”.

So this is much easier and attracting, and more engaging title as compared to upper one. But you can use both of them for better results.

So same like that, focus on your primary keyword, main objective and make your video titles more descriptive but not too long.

#6 – Optimize your Video Description

As title is the important part in video SEO, same like that video description is also an important part in your ranking. Include your primary keyword in video description and get more ranking and then see your YouTube subscribers.

Search engines use your video meta description for showing in the search results (SERP’s).

Always add as much information about the video as possible. Below are some tips that helps you to optimize your video description.

  • Included your primary keyword in the description.
  • Adding your video scripts in the description.
  • Ask for subscribe to your channel.
  • Add your social media links in the description.
  • Adding links to other related videos.

So use these tips and fully optimize your video description and getting more views. If you get more views then automatically get more subscribers.

#7 – Optimize Video Meta Tags

Many new YouTubers are not know the power of video tags on YouTube. Meta tags is the key role of your video ranking on YouTube.

video meta tags

These are the primary keywords that covers the main theme of your video. You can add some related keywords too, so your videos also appear in the search results if you’ve a meta tags about that video.

For example, you’ve a video about SEO Tips and you’ve included the meta tags about “SEO tips” or “Video SEO Tips”, then you can search on YouTube, “How to do Video SEO” and watch this video.

Then there is the 90% chance that your video also appear in the sidebar suggested video.

Almost 60% – 70% views are comes from the suggested videos. So if you fully optimized your video meta tags, then there is a big chance for you to get more views and more views means more subscribers.

#8 – Create a Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails plays vital role in video ranking on YouTube. People will be more attracting via your video thumbnail as compared to title.

Title + Description both plays important role in video SEO, but visually video thumbnail will help you a lot to get more views.

But not underestimate that, because YouTube not allows to use invalid thumbnails. Means that, if your videos about Keyword Research, but you can adding text about other technology terms, then YouTube will be terminate your accounts.

So always use real but custom thumbnails for your every new video and attracting as much viewers as possible and then they will be converted into your lifetime subscribers.

#9 – Create Engaging Channel Trailer

youtube channel trailer

Trailer is the official short time video that helps people to find out that what will be done in the full-length video. Channel trailer is also a very valuable way to get more YouTube subscribers.

Always create engaging channel trailer for your YouTube channel.

When any newbie visit your channel for the first time, and they will watch your channel trailer video, then they realize that what your channel is about.

So if they’re interested into your video content then it is 100% chance that they will subscribe your channel. So always making an engaging channel trailer.

#10 – Keyword Research

An important quote about “Keyword Research” is that:

“Building a SEO Strategies Without Keyword Research, is Like Building a Road Without Direction”

If you want to getting success into your YouTube career, keyword research is important. Always do the keyword research.

It helps you to finding the best keywords that will rank your videos in search engines as well as on YouTube.

High paying keywords helps you to get more views on YouTube and also make more money online with your videos on YouTube. If you want to make more money on YouTube, then keyword research is the most important part of it.

#11 – Best SEO Tools for YouTube

SEO tools helps you to do keyword research in a better way. There are a lot of great tools are available in the market, using the right tools will help you to increase organic viewership.

youtube seo tools

And if you get more organic views on your videos, then it means you’ll get more subscribers and active subscribers on your channel.

I personally use TubeBuddy & VidIQ for a while and I highly recommend it to everyone of you who is serious about YouTube marketing.

These tools helps you to find almost all the necessary information about any video on YouTube. So use them and if you use them properly then success will be yours.

#12 – Let People Find You

YouTube provides different marketing options that helps you to boost your YouTube success. Many of them beginners don’t know, same like that YouTube provides an option to link to your official blog or website, if you’ve got one, and make sure you do it properly.

Also create YouTube subscriber widget for you channel and embed it into your blogs, websites, web pages, forums or any other web property.

So when people visit there, they will see your YouTube channel subscriber button link, and if they’re interested they will surely subscribe your channel and watching your videos regularly.

#13 – Create Long Videos (Focus on 1st 10 Second)

Remember THAT: Always focus on the first 10 second of your video, because if the first 10 seconds are catching, engaging and attracting then people watch the full video.

Videos length plays an important role in YouTube success. Many people consider that, make short videos because people are not interested to watch the whole (15 Minutes) video. That’s TRUE ! ! !

But problem is that, short video not cover the whole topic. Like if you want to telling people about how to create YouTube channel and it’s initial setting. Then this video can’t ever done under 5 minutes.

youtube video length

So there are many topics which are not covers the videos under 5 minutes.

So always create as long videos as possible and describe the whole topic briefly, so everyone easily understand.

YouTube also recommend you to create long videos because it contains keywords, phrases that helps youtube algorithms (spiders) to find out what about your videos and when anyone search about it your video will be shown in the search results.

There are many topic which are covers under 5 minutes, so you don’t need to create these type of videos about 10 min or long, simply cover it under the 5 minutes.

For example, if you want to make a video about Recipes, then some recipes easily covers under 5 minutes, so you don’t need to create these videos about more than 5 minutes.

#14 – Problem Solving Videos

As I earlier discussed that “Content is King”. If your content is useful, valuable and informational, then people automatically search you and watch your videos.

Always create videos that solves others problem. People always comes to YouTube or Google, for solving their problems, so you can find their questions, picking up and answers them by making a videos and share with them.

In this way, you can easily grow on YouTube. So always create evergreen content that people always loves to watch and they are never ever dead.

Like “How-to’s” videos are always helpful and evergreen, because people are always finds these type of videos.

#15 – Use End Screens (Annotations)

As from the 2nd May 2017, YouTube block the annotation on YouTube videos. Annotations are call to back action links that helps YouTuber’s to get more views on YouTube.

But now you can use “End Screen” options, it helps you to adding 1 to 4 , videos, channels, or others links at the end of each video.

Due to the smartphones, people watch videos on their smartphones more than compared to desktop computers.

So this is specially designed for this purpose.

Annotations are not displayed on mobile devices, so always use cards, end screens at the end of each videos and gets more views, and more subscribers.

#16 – Edit Videos Ruthlessly

Video editing is an important part in YouTube or any other platform. Ruthlessly editing your YouTube videos and making sure that only your best ones get published.

Make a lot of recordings while you shooting your videos, and not use all of them. Only make sure the best parts from them and selected it.

If you don’t feel confident while capturing your videos, then take multiple shots. Also edit as much your videos as possible for you.

#17 – Interact With Your Viewers

youtube comments

Without interaction, you can’t get the attraction of the people. If you want to getting their attention to your videos, then interact with your present viewers.

If anyone watch your videos, and if they like they will comment below the videos.

You can simply reply their comments as soon as possible, interact with them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

It will helps you to get more attention to all of them and get more subscribers on your channel.

If the interaction between you and your viewership is high, then people are realize that you’re the original one behind this channel and they will helps you a lot via sharing your videos, comments and like them as much.

#18 – Ask for Subscribers

When you watch any video on YouTube, then in the below right corner, a link appear which ask for subscribers to their channels.

Same like that, you can use ask for subscribers link to your videos and while watching your videos, if people feel that your videos are helpful then they will automatically subscribe your channel.

#19 – Promote Your Videos on Social Media Platforms

There is no doubt, today is the social media age and everyone use the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

Promotion of your videos on these sites will greatly helps you to get more new subscribers.

When you create and published your videos on YouTube, then it is ensure that it will also promote on social media sites.

There are a huge amount of traffic available on social media sites, and if you sharing your video content on Facebook, Twitter then you can gets many new likes, comments, views and the most important thing is Subscribers.

#20 – Consider Giveaways & Challenges

This is the very useful and more engaging part of this 20 fastest & easiest ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

Who doesn’t love Giveaways?

Now offer your viewers something in return for all of their engagement with your videos on your YouTube channel.

You can provide them free giveaways as a reward. You can giveaways anything you want like :

  • A new branded T-Shirt
  • A hosting Subscription
  • A domain Subscription
  • A tech Gadget
  • A new Watch
  • A new Cap/Hat

Whatever it is, people are always loves the chances at getting something for free. If you build your audience and people watching your videos, then you can easily provide and create giveaways that helps you to gain many new subscribers.

If your channel much popular and you’ve a huge investment, then you can also help a big giveaways via better marketing and getting the huge benefit in return.

So these are my 20 fast and easy ways to get free YouTube subscribers in a very little time. Remember that, building something of value on YouTube takes a lot of efforts, time and most important thing is long-term commitment.

If you’ve a patience, you can reap it’s benefits near in future.

If you think that there are some other strategies that helps you to get more new subscribers, then mentioned with your comments below.

And there is a chance, I included your suggestions in this list and sharing with the world.

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