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about bloggerhope

BloggerHope tracks all the latest consumer blogging tech breakthroughs and shows you what’s new, what matters and how blogging can enrich your life.

We give you the blogging tips, tools, resources and advice that will help you to decide why start a blog and how to get the most out of the blogging in your life.

I started a blog on blogger back in 2013 just as a hobby to share my thoughts, ideas, expertise with the world.

But later that, I realize that, blogging is not just about writing something and sharing with readers. You can also make money with your blog and living a laptop lifestyle.

When I researched a lot, then I realized the power of blogging. I always enjoyed the technical aspects of blogging which is more amazing part than the writing part of blogging.

I started BloggerHope.Com in 2017, just for helping newbies bloggers to become a successful in blogging and living a laptop lifestyle.

After a lot of experience with this term called “Blogging” for the last 3 years, I began to teaching others newbies and beginners, how to start a blog, in simple guide.

I also share some other methods for beginners who tend to go and researching about “How to Make Money Online”. This is also a popular term so in this era, I also helps others newbies and beginners of how to make money online using different successful and fully trusted method.