20 Best Google Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Use

20 Best Google Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Use

Are you a student and looking for some amazing, useful, productive and the best chrome apps and extensions that helping you into your student life the

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Are you a student and looking for some amazing, useful, productive and the best chrome apps and extensions that helping you into your student life then here are top 20 best Google chrome extensions that every student should use and must install to their chrome browser and enhance your productivity.

I’ve searching a lot and after lot of research, I figure out these 20 chrome extensions that helps every students while surfing online via Google Chrome Browser.

best google chrome extensions for students

There is no doubt about it that, the role of social media – and the internet as a whole – has become more and more prevalent, so there’s a huge concern that students waste more than they apply to their studies.

I personally recommend this list to every student who use internet and social media, if they want to become more successful and productive while online research.

What are Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome Extensions are the addons or plugins or tools that enhance the working of Chrome Browser and provide some extra functionality by connecting to other web utilities.

You can easily added more features and abilities to customize your web browser according to your needs and wants just by installing extensions or apps in chrome browser.

Warning! Remember that at the same time running too many extensions and apps can slow down your PC Computer, so only use some usable at a time. These all the best extensions for students, but you can choose whats ones you need or want to try.

20 Best Google Chrome Extensions/Addons for Students

Now explore the list of top 20 best chrome extensions for students sometime called (chrome plugins, chrome addons, chrome apps etc…). These are the most recommended apps for chrome browsers to enhance the productivity.

1. Grammarly for Chrome

The No.1 chrome extensions on Google webstore that helps you to enhance your written communications more clear, mistake-free and impactful. This app helps students to check spelling mistakes and grammar on social media posts, web documents, messages etc.

Grammarly is the best Google chrome extension for students that helps in different ways like contextual spelling checking, grammar checking etc. Millions of users trusted on it so you can also try it.

2. LastPass: Free Password Manager

Are you looking for some online security or browser security then LastPass is the best chrome extensions for you. Students always want to secure their online presence, their documents, notes etc, so this app helps in all case.

LastPass is the award-winning passwrd manager in webstore that helps you to saves your passwords and provide you the better access from every PC or smart devices.

3. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

Students always looking some office software’s, apps, tools, extensions that make their work more easy and productive. This is an amazing chrome addons that enhance your browser working by adding online tools to edit, save or create office work like Documents, Excel sheets and Powerpoint slides.

This extension provided by Google, once you should install the extension, Office files that your drag out in chrome browser, open in Gmail, Google Drive or any Google products, will be automatically opened in Docs, Sheets and slides for viewing and editing.

4. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Teachers and students looking online tools that helps them to screencast and record their lectures, tutorials, notes, tips as a video, screen capture for full page to get a picture.

screencasting chrome extension

If any important information you don’t want to show, you can use the Blur tool that blur the sensitive info. This is the amazing chrome extensions for blogging purposes too.

5. Split Tabs

Split Tabs can enhance the productivity of students. It split a screen into separate tabs with ease and resize opened tabs into layouts on different windows with amazing support. The best Google chrome extensions for student that helps you so much.

This chrome extension helps students to maximize their working by quickly opening and arranging multiple browser tabs with ease. This is the most intelligent extension in webstore that allows users to view multiple tabs at a time.

6. AdBlock: Popular Chrome Extension

AdBlock is the most popular Chrome extension that is featured many times in Google Webstore. Millions of users use this extension specially researcher and students.

AdBlock is the world No.1 ad blocker with over 250 million downloads. When students and teachers are working online, watching videos on YouTube, then ads disturbed, so they use this AdBlock extension to block all the ads all over the web.

You can block all the ads on YouTube, Facebook or any other place. This is the best Google Chrome extensions over the store that used by 10,000,000+ users and till counting.

7. Google Dictionary (by Google)

When teachers, students or researcher research online and viewing different documents, webpages, journals to find something, then many time they want to know the meaning or definition of some particular word.


Don’t worry, I’ve a solution for you, just install the Google Dictionary extension into your chrome browser and see the magic. You can easily viewing the definitions easily as your browse the web.

There are many other dictionaries available, but this is the best Google Chrome extensions that helps everyone.

8. Strict Workflow

There are many productivity techniques available and from them 10-Minute Study Sprint is the best tactic. It basically involves to setting up a timer for some specific period and the task at hand for that time.

Strick Workflow is a great extension that keeps sites like Reddit from distracting you when you’re trying to do a Pomodoro session. When you enable this app, the timer start and you can focus 25-minute on your work but after that 5-minute break time period where you free your mind and then repeat the process.

Whenever you working on a big projects then this extension helps in many ways.

9. StayFocused

StayFocused is the most rated productivity extension that increases your working productivity by limiting the total amount of time that you can spend on other time-wasting websites.

It boosts your working capabilities by blocking distracting websites. It is also same like Strict Workflow, but something different in both extensions.

When you install and enable this app, it gives you the certain amount of time you can spend on distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Wikipedia etc each day, Once that time finish, they’re automatically blocked all these sites for the rest of the day, so you can easily concentrate on your work with full focus and potential.

10. Google Scholar Button

As you a scholar or want to research more to become a successful scholar, then Google Scholar Button app is designed for you.

As you browse the web to find out scholarly articles, journals, this extension adds a browser button for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page, by simply clicking the button.

This is the best Google Chrome extensions that transter query from the web search to scholar search, so you can easily and quickly find scholarly articles, journals, research papers etc.

11. Office Online (by Microsoft)

Just like the Google Office editor, Office online extension doing the same work. You can view, edit and create Office files without leaving your browser.

Students, teachers or even research find something on Google and then want to write a documents or creating an Excel sheet or making a presentation in Powerpoint, Office Online chrome extension doing all work with ease.

You can create, view and edit docs, slides, sheets using this extension with fully confidence. The best Google Chrome extensions over the market ever.

12. Save to Google Drive

Researcher can be searching a lot on Google and many other sites to find the most valuable and informational content, and when they find they want to save it anywhere for later use.

Save to Google Drive chrome extension solve this problem. While surfing online, you’re able to save any web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.

This is the best Google Chrome extensions for students, teachers, researchers etc who surfing online and save their searched content in Google Drive directly within single click.

13. Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus allows teachers and students to look up a number of synonyms and antonyms for any word they desired. This is an amazing chrome extension that helps students in their research papers.

Just like the Google Dictionary extension, students can simply double click on any desired word and a set of suggestions and helpful synonyms and antonyms appears without closing the chrome browser.

14. Memorize!

The most amazing extension that enhance your productivity and changing the way of thinking. Memorize! is an chrome extension that makes you study even when you are waiting your time on different sites like Facebook, YouTube etc.

memorize anything you want

First of all you just install this extension and then add a list of questions and answers for whatever you need to study, then this extension automatically will pop up at some specified time period to ask you a question.

So are you want to keep learning more and more while surfing online, this is the best Google Chrome extensions that helps you a lot to stick to your study and don’t loss your focus.

15. Kami – PDF and Document Markup

Without any doubt, Kami is the No.1 PDF app for Google Chrome. It is the best markup tool and PDF and document annotation tool for student and teachers.

Using the Kami app and tools, you can easily annotate, markup and collaborate on your own PDF files, documents or image file without any hurdle.

Kami supported different files format like PDF files, Documents (MS Word, Google Docs,RTF), Powerpoint slides, Excel sheets, Image files (.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif) etc.

16. LINER – Private Web/PDF Highlighter

Highlight Everything with LINER.

Just like offline books, we use highlighter to highlights important words, paragraphs, quotes etc for the future reading. Same like in online web reading, LINER doing the same thing in same manner.

LINER saves all your highlights made across the desktop PC’s and mobile. It helps you to highlight sentences on the web pages. So highlight your favorite quotes, sentence or paragraph using LINER extension.

This is the most and widely use best Google chrome extension in webstore that highlights your texts and magically will appear when you re-visit the same page.

17. Click&Clean Extension

When people are surfing too much and visiting a lot of web pages then browser keeps many cache files, cookies, downloads and browsing history, so as a result your browser speed slow down.

Students, Teachers and researchers finding different topics and searching too much on different websites, so the browser speed will be slow and finally people uninstall their browser and again reinstall it.

You don’t need to do it, just use Click&Clean chrome extension that helps you to deletes the typed URLs, Cache files, Cookies, your download and browsing history within single click.

It increase your PC speed as well as your browser speed, it scan PC for malware, remove history, erase temporary files, clear cookies and cache files etc.

18. ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS

The most productivity extension on chrome webstore is the ImTranslator. You can also name that the free online dictionary or TTS.

Using this most amazing chrome extension you can use Google, Microsoft, Bing or any other translators to translate any webpage, sentence, paragraph in any other language.

You can simply select the text that want to translate and select the language in which you want to translate the selected text. This is the best Google Chrome extensions ever for students, teachers, researchers, bloggers and writers.

19. Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools helps you to type in the language of your choice. The amazing extension for those who typing other than the English language.

Switch to typing to any other language with the click of the mouse, and switch back just as easily. The Google Input extension for chrome users provide the virtual keywords with different languages like English, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, French, German and also 90+ other.

Are you ready to type anything in multiple languages, Google Input Tools helps you alot.

20. Hover Zoom

Many of use spending our lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Flickr and many other social networking sites. We share photos on different social sites to wasting our time.


Hover Zoom is an amazing and light weight extension for you to zoom out any image just by hovering the mouse on it. Enlarge the thumbnails on mouse over simply by adding this extension to your browser.

Hover Zoom works on may popular social media sites like Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, Facebook etc. So simply browse the galleries or images and hover the mouse to view the full size without loading a new tab.

Final Words!

Which one’s were your favorites? Would you add something more in this Best Google Chrome Extensions for Student’s list? Leave a comment below! Thanks