50+ Best WordPress Plugins Essentials for Every WP Site on Internet

50+ Best WordPress Plugins Essentials for Every WP Site on Internet

Make your WordPress websites even more amazing look and feel with these WordPress plugins which are essentials for every website hosted on WordPress.

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins That Save Your Time 2017

Make your WordPress websites even more amazing look and feel with these WordPress plugins which are essentials for every website hosted on WordPress. The market of WordPress plugins is always in a constant state of evolution.

This is the largest collection of WordPress plugins on the planet.

The best part?

All of the WordPress Plugins in this collection list are 100% actionable.

There are thousands of high quality plugins for WordPress sites continue to stay on the top year after year due to committed development by their respective owners and special support from their valuable customers.

best wordpress plugins for wordpress websites

While WordPress offers a tons of amazing features and flexibility, but there are lot of functionalities are missing from the core software.

So the best way to fill out these missing part of the software, of course, is to get yourself the right plugins to enhance WordPress sites.

There are plenty of different kind of handy plugins in WordPress framework which reduce lots of work and time on your part.

The official WordPress Plugins Repository has over the 48000+ plugins and counting to enhance WordPress websites like it’s speed, security, social features, SEO features etc.

So here’s is a huge collection of free and premium must-have WordPress plugins that can help you to take your site from good to great as compared to other world’s sites.

I’ve also included almost every important plugins which you’ll ever need while running WordPress sites.

50+ Best Plugins for WordPress Websites

Here is the huge collection of best WordPress plugins on the internet which helps you to find out the important and must use plugins for your WordPress sites. This list includes almost every category plugins like SEO plugins, Security plugins, general plugins, content creation plugins, commenting and discussion, marketing plugins, developer plugins, designers, popular, social plugins and almost all other categories.

So explore the biggest collection of WordPress Plugins ever you found. I have been categories this list into different sections so you can explore according to your desire, needs and want.


Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO)


WordPress out of all other platforms already technically quite a good blogging platform for SEO view. And this is 100% true when Joost wrote his original article abour “WordPress SEO” in 2008 and it’s still true today. But for much more newly updates of search engines algorithms like Google, it’s important for you to make your site SEO friendly.

So Yoast SEO (formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is the world leading SEO plugin for WordPress to enhance your website SEO easily and effectively. It improves almost all needed aspects of your site’s. It can optimize your site as a whole not at one point.

W3 Total Cache


Website speed is one of the most important SEO factors and it shows how your website looks so professional. Fast loading websites rank higher in search engines like in Google, this means if you want more visitors to your business sites and more conversations then make sure your website speed is faster.

W3 Total Cache plugin helps you to serve compressed and cached files to your visitors comes from search engines or any other source. This can reduce the load on your server and your website loads more faster. So this is more important and must have WordPress app.

Google XML Sitemaps


Sitemaps is an important file in SEO view, because this file tells the search engine robots about all the pages of your sites to be crawl and indexed. Google XML Sitemaps is the useful SEO plugin for WordPress which helps you to generate your website sitemaps and submit to all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

This plugins notifies all search engines when you ever published new content on your site.

There are many other sitemaps generator plugins available too, but this is the most leading and popular WordPress plugin which is used by millions of users around the globe.

SEO Squirrly


SEO Squirrly is for the non-seo experts and beginners who want to do blogging and content creation field. You can get excellent SEO with better content ranking that are friendly for both humans and search bots.

As Neil Patel said it himself:

“Squirrly is more than a SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite.”

There are many benefits provided by squirrly, optimized articles get +285% traffic, SEO settings remain, finds you keywords and topics, green lights turn on every time you do something right.

The algorithm for SEO keyword research tool, analyze any singe page, send the audit report by email, monitors your progress, week by week, optimizing your content for humans as well as search engine robots.

SEO Friendly Images


SEO Friendly images plugin use to optimizing your website images.

It will helps you to automatically updates all of your WordPress images with proper SEO friendly ALT tag and Title attributes for SEO purposes.

If your images do not have the ALT and TITLE tag already, don’t worry, SEO friendly Images will helps you to add them by going to it’s interface.

ALT tag is much important in SEO point of view and search engine loves and it fully describes that what image is about? Title tag is less important but it also helps you in your website optimisation.

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets


This is an optional but important SEO plugin for WordPress sites. You might want to seen extra pieces of information in SERP results like start ratings, images, reviews etc below on every pages on the search results.

All in One Scheme.Org rich snippets plugin helps you. Rich snippets are the best way to beautifully adding this feature to your wordpress sites. Snipperts provide the main meta information about your web page, like title, url, and meta description etc.

So if you want to show a rich snippets into your WordPress site, then this handy plugin will helps you. It can automatically precise search engines to display much information in SERPs.

Disqus Comment System


By default, WordPress has its own commenting system which is visible to your readers when they visit any single page of your site.

But this is not much beautiful and powerful, so you’ll find the solution. Here is the Disqus Comment System for you.

Disqus (pronounced “discuss”) integrates with WordPress native comment system to helps you more interactive discussion on WEB.

It provide different features like social media mentions, replies and threaded comments, approve or reject comments and much more.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Smush Image Compression and Optimization (formally WP SmushIt) is an important plugin for WordPress site that helps you to resize, optimize and compress all of your images with incredibly powerful, amazing and 100% free WordPress image smusher tool.

This plugin helps you reduce the loading time of your website and increase the WordPress site speed. So if you want to make your site more faster then use this plugin.

If your website is about images, wallpapers type, then Smuch image compression and optimization plugin is the leading software for your site to make your site more faster.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics plugin developed by ShareThis is the most leading app to add GA tracking code to your website without modifying any other files.

This plugin helps you to find out traffic flow of your site. Tracking how and when users visit your site. This is important if you want grow your site and gain the popularity. GA is an excellent tool for brings the information about your site.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)


Security for any online or offline business is much important and people are not compromise anything in this matter. When we talk about online business sites, then iThemes Security plugin is the best choice by millions of users.

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin helps to fix all the common holes and issues in your site from potential automated attacks. Many newbies doesn’t know how to fix all issues and vulnerabilities, but iThemes security software can help.

People doesn’t compromise in security matters, and in WordPress security, iThemes is the leading app. This plugin protect your site using more than 30 different ways.

Pretty Link Lite


Pretty Link Lite is a freemium plugin which you can use free of cost with some features and if you want more then you can easily upgrade your plan.

Pretty Link Pro is an amazing and powerful SEO plugin that provide many tools and redirection types that will allow you to create pretty links automatically, cloak links, replace keywords throughout your site.

This plugin enables you to shorten links using your own domain name (just like Google URL Shortner or bit.ly link sharing services). It also provides the detail report about your links. So you can easily track out your links which are click by users.

WP Super Cache


This is another cache plugin after “W3 Total Cache” which is the leading plugin in the world. But are you find another alternative, then “WP Super Cache” is the best in market.

This plugin helps you to generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress site. After that your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

So this is the popular SEO plugin that helps you to boost up your site speed and make your website loading speed faster.

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery


Slideshow is the best way to show your visitors what you want in digital and professional way.

You can easily display multiple galleries with beautiful and amazing slideshow to your WordPress sites using “Tribulant Slideshow Gallery” WP plugin.

You can displaying your custom added slides, slide galleries or showing just slides from WordPress posts.

MonsterInsights (Google Analytics for WordPress)


Whenever you’re running any online business site, there are different things you need to check on top keep a running ship like Google Analytics and your WP site.

But don’t worry, MonsterInsights helps you to track out all the analytics of your website.

Just simply install this plugin to your WordPress site and setup it, and you’ll be able to view and track the analytics of your site right there into your own WP dashboard admin panel.

All 404 Redirect To Homepage


Are you ever want to lose your visitors?

Don’t ever.

Then use this plugin if you don’t want to lose your visitors. This 404 direct plugin helps you to redirect clients to your pages when they write wrong URL or wrong page name.

There are many 404 error links are available on almost all sites, the problem is not in 404 error itself, but when search engines robots see them and count them for you! this will reduce the traffic and your visibility in the eyes of search engines.

So make sure that, all your 404 error links are redirect to some specific location like your website homepage that boost up links juice and you’ll not lose any visitors.

Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions


In your WP admin panel, by default, WordPress keeps all your deleted posts, pages, comments and other things like spam comments, post revisions, unused tags and if you don’t manage these things your website speed slowing down.

This is the free plugin that optimize your database from all the extra table data you don’t need including other stray data. Once your WP Database is all cleaned up, it gets to work fully optimizing your database for an even smoother running site.

This plugin provide different features like deletes trashed posts, pages and comments, spammed comments, unused tags, optimizes the database tables etc.

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer


The everything change in today developments. There are many new tools and apps available that helps in our developments to save our efforts and time.

This is the ultimate Addons for Visual composer plugin which is the No.1 selling plugin in market. This is the unique, innovative and powerful plugin.

There are different features included in this premium plugin like, animation block, advanced buttons, countdown timer, headings, Google Maps, Google Trends, iCons, Timelines, Info Box etc.

Kebo Twitter Feed

kebo twitter feed wordpress plugin

Twitter is the world most popular micro-blogging website, people use to share their short messages like 150-160 characters with their followers.

Using “Kebo Twitter Feed”, You can easily add your Twitter feed into your WordPress website. This is the hassle-free and user-friendly way to add twitter feed.

Just setup your own Twitter app and integrate it with this plugin or use shortcode to easily display your tweets to your visitors on your WP site.

Redirection WordPress SEO Plugin


Redirection is the amazing SEO WP plugin that manages 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors.

This plugin helps you to manages all the 301 and 404 errors without digging into .htaccess files. This plugin can be very useful if you are migrating different web pages from a different sites and changing the structures of your WordPress installation.

The best part of this plugin is: it’s 100% free!

There are different features included in this plugin like 404 error monitoring, custom pass-through redirections, full logs for all redirected URLs, WP CLI support, import/export to JSON, CSV, .htaccess files, support for Apache and Nginx etc.

Broken Link Checker


Are you want to scan your WP website and fix broken links and missing images, then use the best SEO plugin called “Broken Link Checker”.

Broken Link Checker plugin monitors the links found in your pages, comments, posts, blogroll and much more. This plugin automatically identifies any broken links that no longer work, missing images and much more.

Broken link checker included different features like monitors links into your whole site, detects links that don’t work, checking missing images, prevents search engines to following broken links and the best part is highly configurable.

All In One SEO Pack


I’ve already share the best SEO plugin for WordPress called “Yoast By SEO” which is the leading plugin used by millions of sites. Now another most leading SEO plugin available in market called “All In One SEO Pack”.

All In One SEO Pack has more than a 3+ million downloads, and it is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. This plugins gives you hundreds of features and options which are necessary for any SEO friendly site.

Different plugin used for SEO purposes, but this plugin almost fulfill all the needs of your site like fully optimizing your site for search engine without any custom settings.

It also helps you to fully SEO optimize your post title of your blog and rank #1 in search engine results (SERP).

Premium SEO Pack


This is the premium SEO plugin which is paid. This plugin helps you to SEO optimize your site for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

This is a professional SEO pack for every WP site. It is comprehensive SEO plugin which you can use and then no other plugin required for SEO purpose. This plugin almost fulfill all the basic to advanced requirements of your site SEO.

It will also handle the rich snippet functionality of your site so the posts looks great in the search engine results page.
This plugin also helps to managing the broken links and 301 redirection for your WP site.

Co-Authors Plus


Many times, multiple authors write an article, posts, pages or custom content and you want to search by authors. But problem is that, only main author showing in this list.

So why not to credit all the authors by mentions their names in the article body.

Co-Authors Plus is the powerful and best WordPress plugin you can use for this purpose. This handy plugin lets you assign multiple authors to posts, pages, and custom content.

SEO Ultimate WP Plugin


This is another widely used free SEO plugin for WordPress sites. You can doing all the basic SEO options that you will need to optimize your site full perfectly.

SEO Ultimate plugin is the best alternative of “Yoast SEO” and “All In One SEO Pack” which are the market leading items.

Using this light and free plugin, you will be able to edit the meta description for your post, page attachments, and all other options.

Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin


Rankie – WordPress rank tracker is a paid and premium WordPress rank checker plugin that will helps you to track your WP rankings in search engine eyes like Google.

It help you to keep close eye on each and every keyword position in search engine using your site. This plugin will update keywords rank positions on daily basis and generate powerful reports for you to track out your site performance.

This is not only a single plugin but also integrate a Keyword Research Tool that generates high paying keyword ideas you can target and getting much better keyword research.

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources


Remove query string from static resources is another effective plugin which improves your overall SEO performance of your site. Whenever you serve CSS or JavaScript resources with a “?” or “&” in the URL, it may not get cached by certain proxy servers.

This plugin will remove all the query strings from static resources inside the HTML <head> tag to improve the speed of your WP site.



SEMRush is not just a single keyword tool but it is a complete SEO package that helps you into your marketing business.

Are you a digital marketer, Blogger or SEO Pro???

If YES! then SEMRush is the best choice for you.

It helps you to gather analytics and insights from their competitor’s to help you to improve your own website SEO and optimize it according to the suggestions.

SEMRush is a paid tool but you can use something free too. It is used by thousands of SEO professionals, bloggers, and marketers over the world.

WP-Optimize Plugin


WP-Optimize is a free plugin and great tool for cleaning up your WordPress database from unknown errors that slow down your servers and website loading speed.

This plugin is specially designed for optimizing your WordPress websites. It can automatically removes all the unnecessary data from your site.

This plugin always keeps your database fully optimized so your site works very well. There are many features included in this plugin like: removes unnecessary data, defragment MySQL tables, performs optimization, fully responsive and mobile friendly and translated into different languages and many more.


Jetpack by wordpress.com


Jetpack offers a suite of powerful and must have features for your websites. It can enhanced security, improved your website performance, different content tools and all visitor engagement features are all part of this super amazing plugin.

Jetpack plugin also helps you to separate spamming links and provide spam-free comments, social sharing widgets, related posts, post by email features and much more.

Wordfence Security Plugin


Wordfence Security plugin popularity shows it’s 2+ billion active installs. People trust on it and it also fulfill the website security requirements for all users.

This is also the most downloaded WordPress Security Plugin.

You can easily secure your WP website using Wordfence. This plugin scan leverages the same proprietary feed, alerting you about your website event. They also provide premium features if you want to buy, but the free plugin also doing well.

Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly


Printfriendly is the handy and best WordPress plugin used for different options like Pdf, print or email etc.

You can easily print out the web page using this plugin. Generate pdf files of any particular WordPress webpage which you want or send by email.

You can save paper and ink when you print, easily customize the print, pdf or email options, add custom headers and footers, choose different button styles, edit the page, custom paper sizes and much more.



Akismet is free as well as premium so it is available as a freemium. This plugin developed by the people behind WordPress. It is one of the default plugins of WordPress software that comes with every new installation. This plugin helps against spamming.

This plugins specially great for comments. Because it sorted down spammy comments. Moderators of Akismet also can view the number of approved comments for each user, see the URL’s in the comments and remove those which are suspicious links.

All In One WP Security & Firewall


The leading market plugin, comprehensive, easy to use and well-integrated security plugin for WordPress websites called “All In One WP Security & Firewall”.

There is no doubt, WordPress itself is a very secure CMS system. But this plugin add an extra layer of security and add firewall to your site, so all the security concerns will be finished.

You can also add a strong password sing it’s password strength tool, and if anyone trying with a wrong password, it can automatically blocks an IP Addresses.

All In One WordPress Security and Firewall plugin will boost your website security to the next level which you can’t imagine.



Today is the age of smartphones and everyone use iPhone, tablets, Android.

They access the internet through their smart devices so it is very important for you to create responsive and mobile friendly websites.

WPtouch is a handy plugin for WordPress sites that automatically adds a simple but beautiful mobile theme for mobile users who visit your WP site.

If mobile-friendly version of your site doesn’t exist, then you lose huge of organic traffic. So use this plugin and make your website mobile-friendly too.

Sucuri Security Plugin (Sucuri Scanner)


Sucuri security is also the best choice to protect your website which is provided by Sucuri Inc. which is the globally recognized authority in website security matters.

This is the free plugin for WordPress Security. This plugin provide different features like:

  • Security Activity Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Effective Security Hardening
  • Post-Hack Security Actions
  • Security Notifications
  • Website Firewall

WordPress Antivirus Site Protection


Like computer antivirus, this is the website antivirus that scanning your website against spams, malware, hackers and suspicious items.

The name of this antivirus is called “WP Antivirus Site Protection” WordPress plugin for security of your website.
It automatically detects, backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, fraudtools, adware, spyware, hidden links, redirection and etc and also remove them.

This is the great security tool for your WP site. So enjoy its features!!!

Contact Form 7


Different form builders used for different purposes in web developments. Contact form 7 can manage the multiple contact forms, plus you can also fully customize the form style and mail contents with simple markups.

It is an open source software.

It fully supports the Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering features and so on. This is the leading and most popular WordPress plugin which is used by 5+ million users all over the planet.

WordPress Importer


When you installed the WordPress into your domain, different features are included with the package. But many things you want to import into your newly installed WordPress site.

You can import different things using export file of WordPress:

  • Posts, pages and other custom post types
  • comments
  • custom fields and post meta’s
  • categories, tags, terms
  • authors

and many other things.

Like if you’ve a blog and want to import all blog comments, posts, pages, tags, categories to other blog then WordPress Importer plugin helps you.

BulletProof Security


As its name show that, BulletProof Security is the popular WordPress security plugin that protect and takes care of your website.

It can automatically add firewall security, protecting your database by adding DB security, login information encrypted and protected.

Over millions of downloads shows it’s popularity and the most important thing is the user-friendly interface. You can simply install and activate this plugin.

It can protect .htaccess files, login information, auth cookie expiration, DB backup, setup wizard auto-fix and much more.

Safe Login for WordPress – Premium Security Plugin


Login is the major issue and biggest cause of hacking your site. Safe login for WordPress plgin is a must-have and important security plugin that covers all the basic aspects of website security.

It provide back-end security and protection. It provide the most convenient way to log in to your WP site, it provide multiple profiles and free mobile apps with this plugin.

Google Authenticator | Two Factor Authentication


You may know that there are many online services give you the option to keep protect your account by adding two-factor or two-step authentication via mobile phone, email address or any other.

You can also added a two-factor authentication functionality into your WordPress website using the amazing plugin called “Google Authenticator” (formally Miniorange 2-Factor Authenticater).

Floating Social Bar


Social sharing buttons helps you to get more engagements from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc.

Floating Social Bar WordPress plugins helps you to add a floating social sharing buttons into your WordPress site.

This is the light-weight WP plugin which is visible in the sidebar of ever single post, pages or other web page of your site. The floating ability of this plugin allows this eye-catching bar to give you maximum shares.

VaultPress WordPress Plugin


This is the official WordPress and Automattic team service for WordPress users to keep real-time backup and security scanning features.

VaultPress can backs up every post, pages, comment, media, revision and dashboard setting on your site to their servers.

This is the best security plugin for WordPress users to protect their websites against malware, spammers, hackers, accidental damage and hot outages etc.

WProtect – Total security plugin for WordPress


The most amazing premium WordPress plugin called WProtect total security.

WProtect performs a check of the versions of all of your plugins and themes of your WordPress site, and comparing them with it’s database to show if there are any vulnerable things found.

This is the amazing plugin specially for premium users. The very light but powerful security plugin I’ve ever found for you. So Enjoy!!!




eCommerce businesses boost and making millions of dollars now a days. Almost everything can by buying and selling online so everyone use eCommerce site.

WooCommerce is a free plugin for eCommerce businesses that allow you to selling anything beautifully on your WordPress site. It can automatically build to integrate with WP.

WooCommerce is the world most leading eCommerce plugin that gives both the store owners and developers complete control.



Affiliate marketing is the hot trend now a days and every online Entrepreneur and blogger try to do affiliate marketing and make money online.

ThirstyAffiliates plugin is the best affiliate links management tool for WordPress users. It helps you to managing your all links inside your site, cloak links and easily add them to your posts.

It also showing the summary reports about your affiliate links and show its performance of how doing well each link. So you can use this plugin for your WordPress lead generation.

Just Writing


Just Writing WordPress plugin takes your whole site to a “Distraction-Free Writing Mode (DFWM) to a next level.

So ignore the formatting, just focusing on your words and write something unique and great that your readers want to read.

You can use spell checking tool or change the paragraph style without dropping back to the standard post edit mode using this amazing plugin.

Just Writing takes DFW from a great way to write to a great way of writing posts. Huaa!!!

OptinMonster (Premium)


OptinMonster is the amazing lead generation tool provided by WPBeginner.

You can easily use this plugin to capture emails from users, boost your subscriptions and get conversations. The market-leading WordPress plugin for marketers.

Are You a Programmer or Developer?


Don’t worry, you can easily add beautiful Signup forms without hiring any developers. You can add signup forms at any place like in sidebar, below posts, slide in forms, popups form etc.

You can also analyzing your lead generation efforts by getting analytical report. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead.

bbPress WordPress Plugin


bbPress is an open source software which helps you to create communities. There are different forum based software available but the bbPress is the best all time.

bbPress plugin is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards and speed etc. Thier developers make this plugin as small as possible with great add-on features through WordPress extensive plugin system.

Author Bio Box


This is the best plugin for your WP blog if your blog has more than one owners, contributors, authors. You should be able to adding up an Author Bio with social links below every blog posts.

This plugin creates a simple but beautiful box below every post that provide the information about the post author with their contact information to your visitors.

You can easily and fully customize it according to your blog design and what you need and wants.



Polls is the best way to provide an options to your visitors to provide some feedback about anything. If you’re planning to create polls for your site visitors then WP-Polls WordPress Plugin is the best tool ever.

This plugin allows you to create different style polls where you want inside your WP site. WP-Polls is fully customizable via templates and CSS stylesheets.

It provide different options to make your online polls, simple, unique, informational.

Easy Facebook Like Box


Facebook is the world’s most used social media site and almost every internet user have Facebook account. Easy Facebook Like Box helps you to add Facebook Like Box to your WP site, so your visitors can easily finds you on Facebook.

There are many features of this plugin but three are basic, Custom Facebook Feed, Facebook Page Plugin and Auto PopUp options etc.

So if you want to display a Facebook Like Box (Facebook Page Plugin) then use this handy plugin and gain more and more likes on your Facebook business page.

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box


Are you want to collect emails for potential opportunities in the future? or plan to start sending regular newsletters to your readers?

If your answers is YES!

Then “Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box” WordPress plugin is specially designed for you to overcome your problem and provide facility to do this easily.

It increases the conversions rate by many times. You can use anything like show Newsletter Signup form, Facebook Like Box, Social Bookmarking, social Links or any other.

Cleantalk Spam Protection Firewall


There are many plugins available in the market that provide this facility to upgrade your site from spammers and make your site secure.

The most commonly used is “Akismet”. The best alternative of Akismet is the Cleantalk spam protection firewall plugin.

This plugin also provide the security against spam comments, links and others.

WP Rocket


This is the Paid plugin, but it provide almost all the basic to advanced level features that helps you to make your site more faster and secure.

WP Rocket WordPress Plugin is the best cache plugin in the market. The setup is very easy and can be installed and configure without any hurdle.

WP Rocket has been used more than 500,000 WordPress websites. This plugins helps you to fastly loaded your images, reduce the HTML webpages weight, minifying JavaScript and CSS files and much more.

Do you have a favorite plugin from this list? Have I missed one that you think is absolutely essential for every WordPress site? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll adding to this collection!