10 Blogging Facts People Assume About Bloggers That Aren’t True

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Internet database with filled with millions of blogs and websites. Almost everyone has a blog or site on the internet and people use blogs to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. People assumed different things about blogging and bloggers that aren’t true in real blogging life.

So here I share with you the top 10 blogging facts people assumed about bloggers but that are not true. These facts give you more clarity about bloggers life and the term ‘blogger’.

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Did you know how the term, ‘blog’ coined? It is a contraction of two different words – web and log. First of all, the term introduced by “Jorn Barger” called “Weblog” but after it changes with the ‘blog’.

Blogging is the way of expression. You can easily expressed anything which you want. If you’ve a knowledge about any topic like health, business, tech, blogging, traveling, foods etc then you can share your knowledge, thoughts, ideas with the world just by starting your own blog.

Here I share 10 most amazing blogging facts for blogger and writer just for enjoyment.

10 Blogging Facts People Assumed That Are Not TRUE!

1 – Everything We Have is Sponsored

GIF Everything We Have is Sponsored - blogging images

People might be thinking that everything blogger owned is sponsored and they living a so much better life as compared to non-blogger. But that’s are not true. Sponsored things are very few and only top bloggers getting this opportunity.

2 – We know all the other bloggers but NOT

GIF blogging images: We know all the other bloggers but NOT

Just because we are a blogger in specific blogging niche / topic and we follow other bloggers in this niche, but that not mean we now all these blogger personally. We recognize their blogs and follow them but doesn’t know all these personally.

3 – It is easy to blog

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Many people think that Starting a Blog and make it viral and become a successful blogger is so easy process and everyone can do it. But that is wrong because starting a blog is easy but consistent blogging is a very hard and difficult task and everyone cannot do it properly.

People think that blogging is just about typing something and hitting and the enter button and start publishing posts. But without knowing some aspects of blogging like learn coding, designing, graphics etc is also compulsory if you want to become a successful blogger.

4 – Everything That We Eat is Sponsored

GIF eating animation images

As In my previous point, blogger are sponsored according to their blog topic or niche. But people think about that everything they eat is also sponsored.

That facts is not true but sometime true. If we are endorsed with the luxurious meals, they are also cold luxurious meal anyway.

5 – We Are Make Money to Blog

GIF make money blogger animated images

Almost all of you don’t know, most of us bloggers started our blogs with no intention of being famous in the world or making money online through our blogs.

Many bloggers just wanted an online place where they expressed their thoughts and share their ideas and feelings with the world.

I also started a blog just for sharing my blogging experience with the world and expressed my feelings and thoughts with you to make you a more perfect man than me.

Remember that, this is not true about bloggers that every post we published is a money making key.  Just the advertorials and the advertisements at the sidebar whenever you click on them then we’re paid.

6 – We Are a Professional Photographer

GIF photography animation images

Photography is the part of the blogger life and this is the fact that we are bloggers like to take photos. But people think that all blogger are also a photographer.

This is something true, but we are not take photos of everything. We just take a photo or find them from other sources just to fulfill our needs.

7 – We Blog About Everything

GIF blogging animation image

This is the biggest assumption that people think about bloggers as well as young blogger too that we are blogger blog about everything in this world.

We are just blog according to our niche/topic, like if we are interested about food, then we only blog about food and if we’re good in tech then we blog about technology.

But this is almost totally wrong facts about blogger that we blog about everything.

8 – We Are Social in Offline Life

GIF social media animation image

Due to just because blogger seemed really social and outgoing online but our real life is much different as compared to online. People think that we are as social in offline as online field.

Most of the bloggers I’ve personally known are introverts or less social. As for myself too, I’m actually not a social person but I’ve always online on my social profiles.

So that not mean that we are social in real life too.

9 – We Are Computer Expert

GIF computer expert animation gif

There is no doubt, everyone who surf the internet is know about computer. Some are computer expert and some are something know about it before using the computer and internet.

People assumed about blogger that we are all computer experts and if you don’t know about computers and internet well, then you can’t blog.

But this assumption is totally wrong, many blogger who doesn’t know well about computers and internet but they blog and are very successful blogger now a days. I personally know many of them.

10 – We Lead An Interesting Life

luxurious lifestyle images

Before further explaining truthfully speaking, we don’t. This is the biggest assumption about bloggers that they living an amazing and interesting life with all benefits.

We lead a normal lifestyle just like you. In fact, we spend most of the time in front of the computer for writing articles about our favorite topic.

But somehow many successful bloggers are living a luxurious lifestyle, but overall not. So this is just assumption that people think about blogger but that’s not true.