30 Benefits of Business Blogging: Why You Start a Blog for Your Businesses

30 Benefits of Business Blogging: Why You Start a Blog for Your Businesses

Why your business needs a blog? Here are top 30 benefits of business blogging that clearly show you why you start a blog for your businesses and marke

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Why your business needs a blog? Here are top 30 benefits of business blogging that clearly show you why you start a blog for your businesses and marketing.

Business blogging is a marketing technique that helps you to get your business through blogging and getting more online visibility. Just like a personal blog, business blog is your own marketing channel where you share your business related articles and it helps you for the support of your business growth.

Due to the rapid growth in online consumer behavior, business blogging automatically becomes the most essential part of maintain your online presence.

benefits of blogging for business and marketing

There are many benefits of business blogging that helps for the growth of your businesses. Here I discussed some of the most useful and important benefits that you couldn’t know about blogging.

If you run any small business online or even offline, blog helps you in both cases. Blogging on a frequent basis is a very easy, small, inexpensive but useful way to enhance your inbound business marketing efforts, drive more traffic to your site and attracting more perspective customers.

So what are you waiting for?

Below I’ll share a top 30 benefits of business blogging that are unique, useful and important for your businesses. Are you have a small business, then this article for you.

Many times, people asking me why your business needs a blog? So below I share all important factors that explaining why your business needs a blog and how blogging helps your businesses.

Benefits of Blogging for Businesses and Marketing

There are many different marketing techniques and tactics used for getting more business. But blogging is the great marketing tactic that helps everyone to grow your business. Below are the benefits of blogging for businesses and marketing.

1. Generate More Traffic:

If you could start a blog for your business with strategic planning and carefully choose the right keyword in play, then you can easily drive more and more organic traffic to your landing pages of your blog.

2. Increasing Your Business Reach:

As blog posts can and easily shareable content and people will share your stories on daily basis on different social engines and getting more eyeballs every single day.

3. Connect with Your Customers:

A blog is like a dairy where you share your thoughts. It is the most powerful and practical way to share relevant information with your customers and connect with them more deeply.

4. Generating More Leads:

Want to get more leads? you’ll always need huge traffic. With business blog, you can generate more traffic to your site and more traffic means more leads.

5. Grow Your Email List:

Email list or subscription list is the useful way to reconnect with your visitors. When anyone loves and find your blog useful for them then they will subscribe your email list. So you can easily sending them promotions, links, and other products.

6. Opportunities for Social Sharing:

Every time when you publishing new articles on your blog, you create an opportunity for your visitors to share your blog with others. Also they’ll link to your blog post, tweet it or email to others, so it is the free marketing for your business.

7. Connect People With Your Brand:

Business blogging helps to show a personal side of your company that perspective and current customers won’t see through other marketing channels.

8. Boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

There is no doubt, search engine loves fresh and unique content. Blog is a better way to frequently publishing your fresh content and boost search engine optimization. Search engine robots quickly index your site and creating more opportunities to get more online visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

9. Educate Your Prospects:

A blog is a publishing platform for your business and it helps you to speak directly to your customers and educate them about your business and products.

10. Create Relevant Content:

On your business blog, you can publishing blog articles that are relevant for your company. Many company websites are very difficult to update content so blog helps you and provide a solution to that problem.

11. Develop Relationship:

Business blogging allows you to connect with your visitors. At the end of each post, customers will asking questions and you’ll get the conversation going on. By reviewing and responding to your readers comments, you can create and developing a strong relationship with your potential and existing customers.

12. Establish Your Business:

There is no matter how small or large your business is, you can just build trust within your industry by providing them valuable, expert and informative knowledge via your blog posts.

This is very important for small businesses looking to gain more credibility to compete with larger companies.

13. Maintaining a Blog Strengthens:

By writing a blog posts about your business services, fields or industry keeps you on your toes. You have to dig into your knowledge, stay always on the top of your industry.

This is the biggest benefits of business blogging because stronger the knowledge, the more trust you earn.

14. Blog Offers Insights into Your Audience:

Blogging helping a lot to find out your target audience. The more you know about your target audience, the better you can server them. Using different analytical tools like Google Analytics helps you to track your blog insights.

15. Establish Authority:

Your business blog is the main platform of your content marketing efforts and tactics where you share your expertise, knowledge, thoughts with the potential customers.

Blogging helps you and your businesses to establish authority in the eyes of your potential and existing customers and also for others too.

16. Win Business

According to the HubSpot survey, almost 73% businesses who have a blog acquire more and more customers. So if you doing well in blogging, then you can easily grow your business and winning the market.

17. Provide Voice to Your Company:

A blog is a free and easiest way to give your company a voice. It is your pulpit, your own publication platform, your online journal, your place where you talk about whatever you choose, however you want.

18. Captures References:

Your blog posts can capture references for all the ideas and blog posts you come across online. Blog is particularly more useful when you want to share insights about the great ideas with like-minded others.

19. Provide Clear Company Mission Statement:

An amazing and informative business blog brings to life your company mission statement more clear. Blogging should be able to express what you believe in, what makes you different, what your business is about.

20. Blog Writing Provide Thinking:

As writing a business blog, you’ll always finding newsworthy topics about your company, business, your industry, your customers and the world around you.

Writing a blog posts makes you think… so blogging is much informative way to express your business and products in details.

21. Focused on Content Marketing:

Business blogging keeps you focused on your company content marketing strategy. So always create a manageable schedule and stick to it to continuously deliver amazing, informative content.

22. Generate Publicity:

As In previous point, I mentioned that, business bloggers establish authority. Blogging provide you more publicity through search engines, social sharing sites etc.

Writing a business blog generates more publicity and grow your leads.

23. Exchange Ideas:

Business blogs helps you to exchange ideas between your company and customers. By writing a blogs can encourage interaction, comments and feedback and create a conversation.

24. Humanize Your Business:

Every voice needs personality!!!

Great bloggers are real and genuine. So if you want to make a real connections and interaction with your prospect customers, your personality comes into play and writing a business blog.

25. Fuels SEO:

Your blog fuels SEO for your business or company. Search engines love valuable content and will reward you for it. The more SEO related content you published on your blog the more visitors comes to your site and generating more leads.

26. Attract Useful Links:

Writing a business blog can attract links from other valuable sources because if your content is highly useful, educational and informative then people links your post with their articles.

These links are more useful when they comes from a reputable sources. These high quality backlinks indicate that your content has great authority and it worth directing traffic to.

27. Cost-effective Marketing:

Business blogging is a cost-effective marketing tactics and investments.

When you publishing a new articles on your blog, then it becomes a long-term asset that helps you to build brand and promote your company, your business, your expertise, products and services etc.

28. Demonstrate Trustworthiness:

By the virtue of publishing new articles on daily basis (i.e: at least once in a week) and consistently over the time, you demonstrate trustworthiness.

Regularly blog writing interact with your readers via comments or email exchanges. The more trust build the readers interacts and the more leads and sales you’ll get.

29. Blogging is Inspiring:

There is no doubt, blogging is inspiring. You will start a blog to see newsworthy ideas all around you, talking with your classmate, friends, colleagues, reading, watching videos etc.

Blogging inspired you in many different ways. People also make money through blogging which is also a biggest motivational factor for people.

30. Blog Have a Great FUN:

Mostly not everyone will agree that blogging is FUN, but I fully agreed and believe every great blogger get into it and enjoy the ride of blogging. When people write blog with passion, then they discovered it a great fun.

2017 Blogging Data and Statistics

Here is the survey and the latest blogging data and statistics of 2017 about business blogging. According to this survey, 73% businesses have a blogs. So this can clearly show you the importance of business blogs.

Source: Forward Push Small Business Blogging Survey