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As by default, almost every template has their background colors as WHITE. But many blogs you seen on the internet which are hosted on blogger, but their background colors are changed or even they use some pictures or wallpapers as a background image.

In this article, I will show you, how to change the background color in blogger. If you use a blogger platform, and your blog hosted on blogger, and you want to change your blog background colors, then this post is only for you.

Usually, all this happen in CSS in your blog template. If you’re using your blogger default template then it is so easy for you to change the background color.

Below I’ll telling you,and show you with complete guide about how to change background color of your blogger blog easily using your blogger dashboard by going in theme customization options.

So below is the complete guide with pictures that helps you more to change your blogs background color.

How to Change Background Color’s Of Your Blogger Blogs

Step1 – First of all, go to your blogger dashboard and select your blog.

change background color in blogger


Step2 – Go to your blog “Theme” options.


theme options in blogger blogs

Step3 – Now simply click on the “Edit HTML” button and go to your editor.

Step4 – Press CTRL + F and find out the “body” tag in CSS not in HTML.

Step5 – Now here you can easily change the background color according to your taste and interest. You can use color name, hexadecimal codes, or even RGB color scheme.

change background color in blogger blogs

Step6 – If you want to add image instead of background colors, then use “background: url” tag via given below. Simply change the URL of your image (HD Image) with below example.

use image as a background color in blogger

Step7 – Now save your theme, and view your blog. Huhhh!!!!

Now you’ve done it successfully. Now simply check out your blog and it’s color will be changed according to your interest. You can use any HD image, or any colors which you want and customize your blogs look more professional and unique from others. If you have any question related to this post, then please comment below, I’ll reply you as soon as possible.