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I have seen on many times (offline and online) people always said that, to make a evergreen things, create evergreen contents, choose evergreen topics etc. That time I’ve no idea about this keyword.

what is evergreen content marketing

So today, I share this ultimate guide about Evergreen Contents Marketing that helps you to create long lasting contents and boost your SEO and increase your business. But When I realized it’s importance then I research a lot and learning many new things in this era contents strategies.

Evergreen contents always useful and reader interests in it. This type of content is more engaging and people were engaged more with your contents as compared to other.

The basic idea behind this type of content is to write a compelling and most interesting stories that is good looking and informative and search engines easily found it and also make it fresh as much as you can.

If you’re new in online field, whether working as Freelancer, Blogger, SEO Experts, Making Videos, Create Images or any other things, you may have heard the keyword “evergreen content” many time again and again according to your specialized industry.

What is Evergreen?

In botany, an evergreen is a plant that has leaves throughout the year, always green. In botany, an evergreen is a plant that has leaves throughout the year, always green. This contrasts with deciduous plants, which completely lose their foliage during the winter or dry season. The Latin binomial term sempervirens (literally, “always green”) refers to the evergreen nature of the plant. Source Wikipedia

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the communication between a company and the consumer audience that aims to increase the value of the company or its merchandise, or to raise the profile of the company and its products in the public mind. Source Wikipedia

Definition of “Evergreen Content”?

Evergreen content is a SEO optimized useful stories that helps readers and make always fresh and valuable all the time for readers, and never dead.

Why Is It Called “Evergreen”?

In general, the word “Evergreen” means the plant that has leaves throughout the year always green and healthy. Evergreen contents is the most valuable and useful resource for your blog or website. It is refers to content strategy. The contents that won’t quickly and easily become out of dated.

Always try to linking back to your already published stories and other related contents, and socialize with each change and whenever needed updated your previously stories.

evergreen content marketing

For Example : If you write an article about “Facebook Announce New Features in 2014” then this is wouldn’t be a good and useful socializable article in 2015, because it is only valuable in 2014 only.

But if you write an article about “Facebook History” or “Why We Use Facebook” related topics are evergreen content and that never ever dead until Facebook closing their business.

Evergreen stories getting more traffic and low hard work. It also getting higher SEO rank and getting more social shares for a prolonged period.

For more understanding, simply check that which stories are considered to be as “evergreen” and which are specifically not evergreen.

Which Stories Are Not Evergreen?

As there are thousands of topics / niches which are considered to be as not an evergreen but here I’ll sort out some basic and mostly used topic that are considered to be as non-evergreen contents.

  • Trending Topics
  • News Articles
  • Christmas Articles
  • Valentines Days Related Topics
  • Numerical Reports
  • Tax Related Stories
  • Statistics Related Posts that are Easily Out of Date
  • Fashion Trends Stories
  • Any Article Related Under Some Specific Time Frame

It is important for just a single thing keep in mind that, evergreen web contents has no expiration date and never dead, and they retain their value for long lasting.

So if you write article about this year related on any trending topic, like on election campaign then these have no value after elections. So we cannot called them evergreen because these are only valid for some specific time of period.

Which Stories Are Evergreen?

Now above I mention some non-green contents topics that I not recommended to anyone to start a business, blog, website or anything. Here I share some useful and reliable evergreen contents strategies that I always recommended and keep useful for all the time.

  • Lists Based Articles
  • Top Lists Related Posts
  • Problem Solving Tutorials
  • “How-To” Articles
  • Resource Lists
  • Industry Definitions
  • Encyclopedia Guides
  • Videos Related
  • Reviews Articles
  • Testimonials
  • Health Topics
  • Food Related Posts

So these are some most useful and popular topic that I always recommended to everyone if they want to start anything a blog, business or website etc.

If you want to illustrate how to do something, and want to solve some problems then Videos are the best way to given you message. Video contents are always evergreen but not at all. Because news videos are also non-green topic, but overall videos are the best.

Examples of Evergreen Contents

There are millions of even billions of examples are available whether online or offline of evergreen content. Here I show some basic examples that helps you more to understanding what is evergreen ideas.

  • Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online
  • Best Tips for Loose Weight Easily
  • How to build a blog / website
  •  Ultimate Guide about Content Marketing
  • YouTube Review Article
  • How to Create a Optimized Article

So these are some useful examples that helps you to better understand “What is Evergreen Content”. There is no doubt, these topic are always useful and used in future too.

So these examples gives you an idea of how to make an evergreen contents and it’s importance.

Some Examples of Evergreen Content Websites

Due to it’s popularity and more benefits, there are dozens of most popular sites that gives you all about evergreen content. Below I share some websites that many of you know about it.

  • wikipedia.com
  • ehow.com
  • wikihow.com
  • about.com
  • answers.com
  • imdb.com

Almost, many of these sites are well-known and every internet users something know about it. These websites published huge amount of evergreen articles / posts on many different topics.

Like Wikipedia, without any doubt published almost every topic on the universe and it’s place always on Google first page due to it’s popularity and contents.

Similarly, all other sites are getting millions of views every single day to their evergreen contents, because every day users from all around the world searches same queries and problem solving articles.

So if you’ve not an idea about how to create evergreen contents, then visit all these sites and many others too, and getting an idea of what are evergreen and how to make them more engaging.

Is There Ever a Time for Non-Evergreen Content?

After reading this guide, many of you also want to find the answer of this question “Is there ever a time for non-evergreen stories?” . Because many of us works on news related topics and many other non-green topic, so I answer this question within a single word.

YES ! ! !

Of course, there is not doubt, a non-evergreen content has a some specific time period where they will be more popular and getting millions of visitors to their posts.

If you want to reach a large number of people within a small piece of timescale, then it means to create some trending topic and write an SEO optimized contents that search engine likes and easily ranked in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

An example of this is that: If a Christmas Day near, then before 2 – 3 months start writing something about Christmas day and all about this festival.

So when this festival arrived, people searched a billions of search terms on search engines and find information, so your article must be shown and ranked on Google first page easily.

Another example is that: Google telling about their brand new penalty to webmasters. So this is also non-evergreen, but people may be interested because they want to learn something of what kind of new penalties are issue by Google.

So this kinds of stuffs gives you more traffic within a timescale, but these are not evergreen contents. Their limits only valid for some specific time frame.

But if you’re interested to working within trending topic, then it will also helpful to you by many other points of view.

Video : Evergreen Content Marketing to Improve SEO Traffic

Evergreen Content Shouldn’t Be Buried on Your Blog

This is the final topic of this guide, but this guide also has many other parts which I cover in my other next guides.

After you’ve worked a lot day and night, and creating fully optimized evergreen content for your readers, so don’t let these posts / stories become buried by the influx of your new articles on your website / blog.

When you published new content, linking it with your previous published articles that helps you to get make all these up to date and people were engaged with them more and more.

In a blog, old contents drop down below, so when new visitor comes to your site, they’ll never ever see out these contents.

So you can simply interlinked these articles with your newer posts and then published. When new visitors comes to your site and read your new articles, they’ll also check out these old one.

So in this way these are never dead and your blog must be active and live all the time for a long lasting period.

You can also do this using many different methods like create some separate page, some links, some widgets to display to your all visitors and telling them about these content. e:g

  • Create page and adding all your evergreen content that people easily find out
  • Create some reference point on your site
  • Create training guide links
  • Making a video guide tutorials
  • Email Marketing to sending them all these stories
  • Create some special section (Paid or Non-Paid)

So these are some ideas to display your evergreen content to your readers easily. These content are alive always and never ever died. If you want to receive traffic on that day of publications and also after 10 years too, then always try to produce evergreen’s content.

This guide include many other different topic, which I cover in my next articles. The best content marketing strategies not relies on a single topic / idea, it always relies on a mix of something both.

Like always create some trending topic too and linking with your evergreen and getting more traffic. Always mixing your topics related articles and long-lasting evergreen stories.