How to Find Your Target Audience Using Google Trends Tool

How to Find Your Target Audience Using Google Trends Tool

Finding targeted audience is looking a hard stuffs especially for newbies, because they don't know how to finding their target audience. We use differ

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Finding targeted audience is looking a hard stuffs especially for newbies, because they don’t know how to finding their target audience. We use different online tools for this purpose in which the best online tool is Google Trends.

It is a very important marketing tools which is own by Google, that helps you to easily finding your where your targeted audience available then you’re able to target that country easily.Google Trends is one of the most amazing, useful, powerful and versatile tools available for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Using Google Trend we can also finding out the most top trend in the world or in a specific part of the world like which is hot in USA, Canada, India, UK etc.

If you’re a marketer and want a single and only one SEO tool for your digital marketing campaign, then Google Trend would be the serious contender.

There are many reasons why I prefer to use google Trends as my best source to finding targeted audience for my blog or a some specific topic.

What is Google Trends?

If I telling you about this products in a single line then Google Trends is a free online tool that helps us to getting hot trends data and their historical representation with also relative searches made by on Google search engine.

The use of Google Trends is very easy and simple just putting your desired keyword in the search box and getting the whole data about it and getting checked your targeted audience.

To learn more about Google Trends Product, go to their help section.

Video : Drawing Insights from Google Trends Tool

Which things or parameters we measure using this awesome tool.

Location of the keyword, time , categories,search category etc. You can also getting keyword ideas so it is also act as the best keyword research tool.

Working Using Google Trends

Web Search : Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping , YouTube Search

All Categories : Entertainment, Technology, Arts, Beauty and Fitness etc

Worldwide : You can easily choose any country which you want to checking audience.

2004-Present : This tool provides you to checking everything about keywords from 2004 to present a day.

You can be able to comparing your keywords up to five search terms at a single time. So these are some important points that helps us to understand why we use Google Trend tool and how to find targeted audience for our blog.

This Google tool also help us  and showing the Hot Topic / Searches with Top Charts in Google Trends tool. You can categories these searches easily. You can use this data for finding and analyzing your audience taste of interests and their region.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a very huge topic in SEO, for using this tool first of all you’ve to do keyword research and finding some profitable keywords for SEO.

For finding your audience, first of all go to Google Keyword Planner Tool, and research your required keywords which has low competition, high CPC, and huge volume then pick up these keywords and paste in this Google trends tool for finding region data.

Finding Targeted Audience Using Google Trends Tool

Step #1 – First of all go to Google Trends.

google trends

Step #2 – Now in the “Explore Topics” search bar, type any required keyword and hit enter button.


Step #3 – Here you see the many options, first of all you can change the options like Worldwide if you want to getting overall data, past 5 years is the time of how much data you want, select categories etc and then check the results.

I’ll recommended you to use by default just, changing the time range with “Past 90 Days” which show you the perfect and useful data. Below you see that how this keyword search during the time period. This chart gives you more insights about that particular keyword.


Step #4 – Now this is the option which we need, see that I search the “Keyword Research” as a single word in this tool, and this tells me in Bangladesh this keyword mostly searched.

It also display ten more countries in which this keyword searched a lot. So if you want to target any one from these countries then “Keyword Research” is the best for you.

Scroll down the list and see other countries list. In the left side, check out the Interest by Region which also shows this data when hove mouse on it.


Step #5 – In below, the last option is the “Related Queries” which also helps you to getting more new ideas. Here you get a related keywords which also helps you to finding long tail words and their targeted audience region.


So this is the guide which helps you to finding and identify your targeted audience using Google Trends tool. This tool also used for many other purposes which I discuss in my later guides.

If you find that something missing in this guide then doesn’t fear out, just feel free to tell me in the comment box and I’ll improve this guide as much as I can with your support.

If you feel that this is useful and helpful for you and others too then share it with your friends.