25 Must Use Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers & Webmasters in 2017

25 Must Use Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers & Webmasters in 2017

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and Webmasters to enhance their productivity and helps into their online blogging career. Are you a blog

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Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and Webmasters to enhance their productivity and helps into their online blogging career.

Are you a blogger or webmaster? Then you must need some helpful apps, extensions that make you work fast, easy and comfortable. Here I share with you top 25 must use Google Chrome Extensions for bloggers and webmasters that helps to your online journey while surfing via Chrome browser.

I’m a Google chrome pro for the last many years, but you believe that I’m only love this browser just for the sake of their best chrome extensions, plugins, apps and addons.

best google chrome extensions

So what you’re waiting for? optimize your blogging and browsing experience! with these most helpful and often time-saving Google chrome extensions.

25 Best Google Chrome Extensions Every Blogger Must Using

Although there are hundreds or thousands of chrome addons, plugins, extensions are available on the Chrome Webstore, but some of them are very useful for everyone specially for online bloggers, webmasters, entrepreneurs etc. Below I’ll discuss 25 Best Google Chrome extensions that helps bloggers, entrepreneurs, webmasters etc.

#1 – Grammarly: Grammar & Spelling Checker

Grammarly is one of the No.1 Google extension and it is specially designed to takes care of all of your grammar rules issues and typographical errors into your content.

It automatically checks your spelling mistakes and grammatically errors. So if you’re not good in English language, then don’t worry, this extension helps you.

#2 – Pocket

Pocket is a very popular social bookmarking site that is won the Webby Award for the best productivity app of the year of 2014 and it has more than 18 million users.

It is very simply and easy to use web tool that helps you ot save your online pages, articles, videos and much more for future consumption.

#3 – Awesome Screenshot

When we surfing online, then there are many times, we want to screenshot of that particular page. Here is the Google extension for that purpose called “Awesome Screenshot”.

The free service of Google, that helps you to easily capture anything online when and where you want. It’s very easy to use, offers tons of others options too.

If any important information you don’t want to show, you can use the Blur tool that blur the sensitive info. This is the amazing chrome extensions for blogging purposes too.

#4 – MozBar

MOZ toolbar Google extension is very popular specially in SEO category. It is the best tool for bloggers and webmasters and specially for marketers.

You can easily access to information like page authority, domain authority, websites links, social links etc.

#5 – SEO SERP Workbench

This chrome addon helps a lot in online results pages. Instead of manually searching the position of your results or some particular webpage, SEO SERP workbench allows you to check the overall ranking of any particular webpage.

Many marketers prefer this app to use within their Google chrome browser.

#6 – Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa is the world’s No.1 platform who gives the ranking of all the websites on the internet. They are calculated their ranking using different factors but the most important are backlinks and total number of visitors.

This app is most similar to MozBar and this can show you the exact popularity of your site. It also shows the total number of views.

#7 – Gmail Offline

Gmail is the World No.1 email service provided by Google. Reading and answering your mails from Google account is typically boring and time consuming. This Google app can help you about it.

Simply install this extension to your browser, and then you can read and reply to your emails directly without any internet connection. This helps automatically to server whenever you connect your internet connection.

#8 – Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed is an important factor in today ranking and bloggers and webmasters hard to try to get their site loading more fast on all devices. This extension of Google helps you to directly check out the score of all of your channels.

A really time API call to Google PageSpeed Insights to show the full summary of any website performance score without going to the Google PageSpeed website and checking particularly. This is the best Google Chrome extensions over the others, so keep try it.

#9 – WebRank SEO

My favorite online free tool is WebRank SEO. It provides you any webpage Alexa ranking, Quantcast ranking, Compete Ranking, Social Status, Whois Lookup, Indexed Pages, Backlinks in Google and Bing and much more at one place.

It is a very popular and best SEO tool (Search Engine Optimization) for competitive analysis about any website. You can analyze your competitors just by one click.

#10 – Google Dictionary

When we comes to talk about content writing and content marketing, then the first thing comes to our mind is best dictionary that help us.

Google Dictionary help you to find meaning of any words which you want. If your vocabulary is low, then don’t worry this free tool helps you.

After installing this extension into your browser, whenever you’ll double click on any difficult word, it can automatically define that word and show in window.

#11 – LastPass: Free Password Manager

If you want to secure your online browsing, then the best Google Chrome extensions is the LastPass. LastPass is an award-winning password manager app that saves your passwords and gives you the secure access from every computer and mobile devices.

This Google extension automatically save all your usernames and passwords to LastPass and it will autologin to your sites everywhere you need them.

#12 – Buffer App

If you’re a internet and social media users, then I’m pretty sure about that you’ve already heard about this app.
It helps to share posts across all of your social media profiles and save your time. It also allows many other features like Scheduling.

You’re able to schedule your social media posts of all of your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.

#13 – Block Site

There are many sites and webpages are available that you don’t want to show you again. Specially this app helps you to block any websites.

If your PC’s or Laptop’s are used by your kids or children then you can easily block some personal or even those sites which you don’t want to visit your children.

Simply add website you want to block and this Google addons automatically blocked.

#14 – Google Publisher Toolbar

Are you a Google Adsense user and use this monetization technique to monetize your blog, then this is the best chrome extension for you.

This app developed by Google, that enhance your productivity. Just install this into your chrome browser and then view data on your Adsense, Ad Exchange, Total Earnings and many other options.

Using this addon, you can view the information on each of your Google ads, block unsuitable creatives, and see your account overview while browing your site.

#15 – LinkMiner

Backlinks is a most important factor in today SEO. LinkMiner helps you to checks webpages for broken links and pull metrics on those links automatically in SERPs.

It helps to check out broken link checking to the next level while your browsing. Get the link and social data on any link on a page, be able to export all links from a page and even also display link data next to each link on the page.

#16 – Adblock Plus

A free and most frequently used Google extension is Adblock Plus. It is used on over the 100 million devices and becomes the world’s most popular ad blocker.

It can blocks all the annoying ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, malwares, third party tracking and much more. Different types of ads they blocked like animated, overlay, popups, interstitial etc.

This plugin specially recommended by world’s No.1 companies like CNET, Gizmodo and Mashable etc.

#17 – Writer

Blogging is all about creating new stuffs specially about writing. For this purpose the most important and the best extension over webstore is Writer which is also known as Internet Typerwriter.

Writer is a coolest, fastest, easiest and distraction free writing tool that helps you to write into your own style. No bold, italics, No fonts – just you and your words.

#18 – Open SEO Stats

When we talk about SEO tools, then the Open SEO stats is on first. The best chrome extension that shows your web rank and SEO stats of any webpage on the internet.

Simply install this app, and getting the quick access of GEO IP location, Whois, Alexa Ranking, Backlinks, Indexed Pages and much more.

It is a really SEO extension for Google chrome to easily access the SEO stats of any visited website on the internet.

#19 – ColorZilla

I loves it most and million users choice app on the internet. Colorzilla a free developer tool that helps you to picking up any color from the internet webpages. There are many other apps available, but the best Google Chrome extensions is the ColorZilla.

It is an advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator and other colorful goodies. It is one of the most popular Firefox developer extensions with over the 5 million download and now available on the chrome!

#20 – Google URL Shortener (goo.gl)

There are many URL shortener are available in the market but I like most the Google URL shortener also known as goo.gl that allows you to shorten your links. It is also the best Google chrome extensions on webstore.

This extension helps you to shorten the current website URL with the Google URL shortener service http://goo.gl/ .
It is an official Google product so you can use it with ease and flexibility without any fear. This is also the marketer choice extension who shorten their links and spreading all over the social media sites.

#21 – StayFocusd

StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you to stay focused on your work by restricting the total amount of time you can spend on time-wasting sites.

Once your allotted time has bee used up, the sites you’ve block will be inaccessible for the rest of the day automatically.

It is highly configurable extension that allowing you to block any particular site, specific subdomains, some paths, specific webpages etc.

#22 – AddThis – Share & Bookmark

AddThis is a blogging extension that allow you to bookmark webpages and share to Facebook ,Twitter, Google+ and over 300 other popular social sharing sites in the world.

You can instantly share, bookmark, print out or even translate webpages with one easy-to-use tool. AddThis is a fast, free, cool and easiest app which you can use without slowing down your chrome browser.

#23 – Crystal

Regardless of the entire situatation, Crystal helps you a lot. It is your coach for effective, coolest and quality communication. Simply personalize communication based on the personality analysis.

You won’t disagree with me, people are complicated but communication doesn’t have to be. Improve your outreach strategy and sharpen your management skills with this Crystal’s Chrome Extension.

#24 – ScribeFire

An easy-to-use blog editor lets you post to all of your blogs just a single click. ScribeFire is one of the most popular Firefox Extension and now available on the Chrome!

ScribeFire is a free and full-featured blog editor for bloggers that integrates with your browser easily without any hussle and lets you easily post to all of your blogs.

#25 – Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

MS Office is the world’s No.1 office management software that helps you to your office work like create presentations, printout your forms, stylesheet to manage records etc.

Office editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides extension helps you to do the same thing right on your browser offline. View and edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint files without needing installing Office into your PC Computers.

Final Words!

Which one’s were your favorites? Would you add something more in this Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers & Webmasters list? Leave a comment below! Thanks