How to Hide Blogger Navbar in Blogspot Blogs

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As if you’re a blogger and use a blogger platform to managing your blogs and doing blogging on daily basis. Blogger navbar (navigation bar) as appears at the top of the page in most cases in default blogger templates.

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This is not a professional looking thing which bloggers and newbies always want to remove it. So in this article, I’ll show you how to hide a blogger navbar in blogspot blogs using CSS which you can easily doing just by following me.

When you create a free blog on blogspot with by default blogger template, the navbar looks like this below :

how to hide blogger navbar

This is not so bad looking thing, but bloggers don’t want to see it on their blogs, so they search different things to remove this navigation bar from blogger blogs. Just follow the below guide that helps you a lot.

How to Remove a Blogger Navbar in Blogspot Blogs

In this guide, I helps you to tech you how to remove the navbar. So simply follow the below guide and if you don’t understand anything just comments below this post.

Step1 – First of all, going to your blogger dashboard.

Step2 – Go to your blogger template then go to Edit HTML link.

/* Variable definitions

Step3 – Now press CTRL + F to find this piece of code.

#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

Just above/before the above code, paste the below line of code.

Save you template and you’re done! So now view your blog and navbar won’t be shown on your blog. I hope you may be like this post also share this post with others.