How to Create a YouTube Channel In 2017 & Make Money from YouTube

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YouTube is an excellent and easy way to make money online. Are you want to show your skills, interest, habits to the world? YouTube is the amazing way to get noticed on the internet. For this purpose, to make a YouTube channel.

So here is the step-by-step guide for beginners to create a free YouTube channel in 2017 and make money online from YouTube.

To make a YouTube channel, you will need to set up the channel using your Google (Gmail) account and adding your channel art banner, a channel description, and your channel name. After creating your channel, the important thing to create an eye-attracting video content, and actively maintain and promote your channel to generate popularity of your channel.

How to Start a YouTube Channel & Make Money from YouTube

Many beginners who’re well known of YouTube, they search out how to start a vlog or YouTube channel. So why’re you wait, below is the complete step by step ultimate guide for you to get starting your YouTube channel and make money from it.

1). Sign Into Your Google Account

The first thing you’ll need to create your Gmail account on Google and then sign into your account. Because YouTube is the product of Google, so if for creating a YouTube channel you must have a Google account.

Sign in to your YouTube account

If you do not have an account, that’s okay!!! You can check out my quick guide of how to create Google Account. Once you sign up & sign in then simply move the second step.

2). Click on My Channel

After Sign In to your YouTube account, click on the account in the right top corner and then click on the Gear Icon (Setting) and going to other page. Because You’re first time log in to your YouTube account, so first of all you’ll create your channel here.

sign into your newly created youtube account

3).  Create a New YouTube Channel

Now here just scroll down the page, and at last the page, you’ll see the option just like below in the screen shot. In first time, You’ll only see “Create a New Channel” so simply click on this link and going to the next page. Where you’ll see your already created channels. But if you’re first time logged in, then simply click on the first link to create a new channel.


4). Pick Up a YouTube Channel Name

The time to picking up your brand channel name. This is very crucial step, because people are only recognized you via your channel name. Keep your brand name, SSS format. Means Short, Sweet and Simple. Below are some tips to help you to get your unique channel name.

Tips to Picking Up YouTube Channel Name!

  • SSS Name (Short, Sweet & Simple)
  • Easy to Remember
  • Relevant to Your Content
  • Keyword Research
  • Don’t Pick up a Name that Infringe Another YouTuber Name
  • Your YouTube Name Available on Social Media Sites
  • Domain Available to Your YouTube Channel
  • Avoid Spelling Mistakes (Not Use Numbers, Special Characters)

picking up a youtube channel name

5). Take a First Look at Your Channel

After clicking the create button, you’ll be automatically redirect to your channel. Below is the first look of your channel. Now you’re done. But wait, something missing, like your YouTube channel art banner, YouTube logo, Channel Description, Social Links etc. All the settings are important, so learn how to setup your YouTube channel (Upload Defaults) setting.

first look at your new youtube channel

6). Connect Your Twitter Account

This feature will allow YouTube to share your latest uploaded videos to your social media accounts like Twitter. So you can simply click on the channel gear icon, and from the left menu bar, click on the connected accounts. Click on “Connect” button and sign in to your Twitter account and connect it to your YouTube account and save your setting.

connect your social accounts to youtube channel

7). Privacy Setting to YouTube Channel

You can also set up your privacy setting. If you want to make all your liked videos, saved playlists or subscriptions Private, then simply check all the boxes like below and save the setting.

privacy setting in youtube channel

8). Email Notifications

Just below the privacy, Notifications tab exist, which allow you to setting up your email notifications. Here you can setting up all the general updates, announcements and videos emails notifications and all other announcements and personalized tips.

email notifications setting in youtube

9). Publish Your Videos

Now go to upload button on the top right hand side to upload your videos and publishing on the YouTube. So creating your videos, and uploaded on your channel.

upload youtube channel

10). Customize Your Channel

Although all the things are done, but you can also customize your channel that helps you to grow your YouTube subscribers and more subscribers means more viewers on YouTube.

Click the Edit button that looks like a pencil and appears in the top right corner of the profile picture box. Upload your YouTube logo, an image that should be at least 250 x 250 pixels (Recommended 800 X 800).

To customize the channel with your graphics click My Channel in the left hand navigation and Add channel artFor the best results across devices upload images of 2560 X 1440 pixels which is recommended by YouTube. To edit your channel description go to the text box below channel navigation to add details of your mission statement and the aims of your organisation.

Now, You Are DONE!

Thanks for reading the whole article. That should bring our journey to an end. It’s been great fun to dive into how to creating a YouTube channel and I hope you picked up all these tips and follow the guide that helps you while creating your first channel. For further customization and YouTube setting check our my other articles.

Best of luck Blogger Hope Viewers.