How to Start a Successful Blog in 2018 – 8 Steps Beginner’s Guide

How to Start a Successful Blog in 2018 – 8 Steps Beginner’s Guide

Are you want to become an Entrepreneur? then blogging is the easiest choice for you. Starting a blog is the most convenient and easiest way to share y

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Are you want to become an Entrepreneur? then blogging is the easiest choice for you. Starting a blog is the most convenient and easiest way to share your thoughts, expertise and ideas with the world.

So, you want to start a blog huh? Great idea ! ! !

But…how to get started? There’s so much information are already available on the internet about create a blog and make money from it.

Everyone telling you to do the different things in blogging. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point for successful startup?

When I used to be a newbies in blogging too. I had the same problems and no one telling me the exact and successful way to get started.

But after researching a lot I started my blog (BloggerHope.Com) way back in 2017, and I knew nothing about the term blogging.

Well, hold up, Now I share a successful 8 steps beginner’s guide for newbies that completely helps you to create a successful blog and making money out of it.

Blogs are the best and easiest way to make money online through blogging by different methods which I discussed later in this beginner’s guide.

I promise it’ll be so simple and exact, relatively easy, and definitely easy to understand for everyone. Sound Good haaan?

Awesome, now let’s move on.

Why You Should Start a Blog or Joining the Blogging Community?

Before further moving on, the question which is arise by you, why you should create a blog and join this blogging community. Well, no doubt this is the social age and everyone loves to find anything online over the internet.

There are many different reasons which force you to starting a blog today and entering the blogging world.

Note That: If you already have a solid idea of the whys (this question), then skip this and go right ahead with the guide below.

#1 – With starting a blog, you become a better writer.

#2 – You will become a better thinker as compared to many others. The reason behind that is, when you’ve a blog, you think wisely to write anything into your new post and share it with your audience.

#3 – Blogging is the easiest way of communicating with the world. You can easily spreading information and news over the globe.

#4 – Blogging also a best way to express yourself and share your ideas with others.

#5 – The solid reason, you can make money by doing it! ! ! (It’s True)

If you’re comes on this page, then I bet you already knew all of that, but it’s nice to be reminded.

Disclosure: This beginners guide to starting your own blog contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a service through one of these my links I may earn a small amount of commission, but don’t worry, this is at no extra cost to you.

Before You Start a Blog (Q&A Session)

Before you go through my guide, there are some questions and their reasonable answers that arising into your mind. If you already clear about these, then skip this portion and directly go through the guide. But If not, then you must get the answers about these questions that helps you more to starting your blogging career more confidently.

Q#1 – How Much TIME Does Blogging Take?

It is so easy for you to setting up a blog and it’s straightforward. Follow my below guide and it takes maximum 30 minutes or less.But however, question is that, when I set up a blog, then how much TIME does it takes to make alive on this social age on the internet.

Buying a domain name, and hosting and setting up a blog is just takes 30 minutes, but creating quality content that your readers want to read and learn something new can take even more time as blogger think.

For Example; It took me more than 48 hours to put this blogging guide live on this blog including all the facts and information given this piece of content. That said, many people write shorter articles within two hours of less.

Remember that, you don’t have to spend as much more time on writing articles than you want.

Overall, blogging doesn’t have to take much time. But it’s completely up to you to decide how seriously you want to take it.

Q#2 – How Much COST Blogging Does?

You might be wondering about it, “Will it cost a money to start my blog?”

The simple and short, sweet answer is “NO.” You can even create a free blog if you want.

But there are some things which you must buy before doing it. e.g: a domain name for your blog, any web hosting or design (Theme) for your blog.

Note That: As I mentioned above, you can create a free blog, but if you want to start a successful blog and serious in blogging, then you’ll need to spend some dollars to get a professional and unique domain name and web hosting. I’ll go through these points in detail below in this 8 steps guide.

Q#3 – Can I Use Blogging to Make Money Machine?

There are two different things in it, but the short, sweet and simple answer is “YES”.

There are some successful bloggers in this community, who make $$$ millions of dollars every single month from just their single blog.

There is no boundary to make money from your blog. There are endless ways to earn money online with your blog, like the most simplest form of monetize your blog is displaying Advertisements like (Google AdSense).

Some folks are offering their services, and some of them are selling digital or physical products of they own, and someone are monetize their blogs with affiliate links and much more too.

But this is phase 1, in second phase, you can also set up a blog for fun or as a hobby to share something with the world. Just like a online diary to write about yourself and share with the world.

That’s not so much difficult, and completely fine and many people already doing it.

I’ve also helped many of you to set up a blog who just want to become a good write by writing something unique and sharing with the world. All that said, no matter what your goals are, you should follow these same steps to get your blog started today.

Now, wait is over, let’s move on to straight forward to our blogging guide. There are 8 different steps which I covered in this guide. I make all these steps as much as simple as I can, so I hope you may easily understanding the whole guide.

8 Steps Guide: How to Start a Blog Today in 30 Minutes

In this blogging guide, we covered 8 steps which cover almost all basic to advanced things which helps you from all the corners of your blog. It completely helps you in order to set up a blog. If you follow this guide, you’ll have your own blog set up in just 30 minutes or less.

#1 – Unleash Ideas Within You

If you want to start a blog, you don’t even need a revolutionary idea. But, your blog should be focused on something specific. Like problem solving, sharing some beneficial content which people like etc.

Remember That: Idea should be unique, no matter how good.

But your experiences have a unique and valuable. Your voice must be distinct from others, so people can easily found you on everywhere on the WWW.

Whenever learning how to be a blogger? it’s important for you to ask yourself what you’re passionate about.

Running? Cooking? Technologies? Sports? etc. Have you found your passion? If so, whatever it is, write about that. If not, then you must find it wisely.

Always find that topic in which you’re passionate, and easily research about that as well as write about any hurdles about that topic for a long period. (3 to 5 years)

Here a somethings which you can remember during or starting your blogs:

  • Choose Niche which you can enjoy
  • Google searches the Niche you’re thinking about
  • Choose Topic which is discursive
  • Choose Niche which you’re passionate about
  • Choose profitable niche idea

Choosing the best niche, in which you can establish yourself in the Blogosphere or in a online world.If you’re not passionate about the topic, then believe me you can’t make your blog for a long run.

So keep in mind before choosing your topic / niche for your blog.

#2 – Choose Preferred Blogging Platform

How-To-Start-A-Free-BlogWhenever you starting your blog, there are different options for you to choose blogging platforms which helps you to grow your blog.

You can choose from several platforms to choose from (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc…).

However, one and only one that really stands out from the pack is “WordPress”.

It’s FREE, and very amazing user friendly, as well as search engine friendly.

Easily manage your blog with WordPress using their widgets, menu builders, plugins etc.

Why People Recommend WordPress – Use too?

As mention above, the FREE, open source and amazing platform is WordPress, and mostly people use this for their professional blogging career.

There are different eras that helps you to understand about why people use and recommend WordPress.

  • It’s FREE & Open Source.
  • There are 6000+ FREE & PAID WordPress themes also available to make your blog design look top-quality and professional.
  • Drag and Drop sysem to building your blog.
  • It offers 50,000+ free plugins to helps you to run your blog more efficiently and effectively.
  • They have amazing helpful support forums.

Why You Shouldn’t Start Blog on FREE Platform

It’s TRUE, there are so many platforms are available that provide you the option to create a free blog easily on their own sub-domain like on Blogspot or tumblr etc.

But there are many serious flaws that not force you to create a blog on that platforms which I discussed below.

1. Having No Control:

The biggest flaws to use free platforms is that you have not any control on your blog, because control is goes to main company.

2. No Personal Domain:

As these are the free platforms so they don’t provide you the domain you own. You can create blog on their sub-domain, like if you create a blog on Blogger platform, then your domain look like this ( or if you want to create a blog on tumblr, then your domain look like this ( etc.

3. No Customization:

As you use free plugins and themes in WordPress to manage and customize your blogs. But in free platforms, their is no option to add free plugins or themes to customize your blogs.

4. Other Limitations:

There are many others limitations also which are necessary to manage blogs like free spaces, options to upload images, videos, etc are not available in free blogging platforms.

All said heaven that, I highly recommend you to don’t create a free blog, especially if you’re serious in blogging and want to become a professional blogger.

Also Instead, create a blog on self-hosted WordPress platform, where you don’t have any limitations to manage your blog. Plus, you’ll also be able to use your own themes, your own professional custom domain name and much more.

#3 – Choose Domain & Web Hosting

Domain name and web hosting are very important if you want to show your presence online on the internet.

Web hosts are those servers where your website files will be hosted and live for the general public. So it is important for you to choose a best web hosting provider for your website.

There are many web hosting providing companies are available on the internet that provide you different packages which you choose according to your need and interest.

But I’ll recommended you personally, to choose a iPage Web Hosting OR BlueHost Web Hosting provider. My all blogs are also hosted on iPage which is the best from all other web hosting provider in the market.

They provide different packages so you can easily choose one of them which you need and want.

Are you’ve already a domain name? Or want to register a new domain name for your website and blogs. A domain name is a web address.

For example: BloggerHope.Com is the domain name for my blog.

So whenever you choosing a web hosting for your blogs, then you’ve an option to register a free domain for one year or if you’ve already a brand name then you can use it easily using your hosting Cpanel.

Choosing a domain name for your website is the very difficult but smart task. People are not understand it easily because they only think that this is just a web address, but believe me it impacts a lot on your search engine ranking as well as your brand.

Domains like Facebook, Google, YouTube are brand name, and they match with their business and content. Same like my blog name “BloggerHope.Com” which is all about blogging tips, SEO Tips and make money online related stuffs which is fully match with my content.

So always choosing a right domain name that fully related to your business even you want to start a blog or starting a website on any topic.

There are some unique things which you consider into your domain name and these are also helps you to grow your business too.

  1. Domain name must be short, sweet & Simple
  2. Don’t include numeric or special words (e:g, 1,3,4, or #,@,- etc)
  3. Domain that related to your business (e:g, If you want to start a blog on blogging tips, but your domain name is “” then it is not user friendly as well not search engine. So always register a domain that fully match to your business and contents).
  4. Get Domain with .Com extension
  5. Register a domain from valuable registrar

Why you SHOULDN’T create a Free Blog?

There is no doubt, you’ll always need a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Think about it – why choose it?, what famous things are in it? Generally, starter always choosing a free blogging platform just for learning purpose, but when they going to their professional life they start thinking about it and convert to self-hosted platforms like WordPress.

WordPress is a most popular self-hosted platform not just creating for blogs but also for creating a dynamic websites.

Remember that, free blogging platforms not provide such facilities that only given them a paid or self-hosted platforms. It’s not just that – free blogging platforms have many other problems too – including . . .

  • You’ve not control your blog content
  • The web address (Domain) of your blog will be very long and hard to remember.
  • You’re not allowed to advertise on it.
  • You’re not able to add any kind of plugins that provide more facilities in self-hosted platforms. (WordPress)
  • Your blog will be deleted any time without any reason.

Including these, there are many other reasons which force you, to don’t start a blog on free blogging platforms. I don’t even telling you that, if you’ve not any money, you can’t blogging.

This is wrong, if you just want to learn blogging, then free platforms also helps you a lot.

My first blog also in Blogger.Com platform but after that I learn a lot and then convert on WordPress.

So I don’t force you, but if I were you, I’d start a blog with a self-hosted platform with my own domain now a days. Because blogging era changed totally.

#4 – Setting Up Your Blog

Now this is the time to setting up your blog. You’ve already buy a domain name and web hosting account, now you can setting up a WordPress on your web hosting and setting up your domain name with your web hosting cpanel account.

Understand the WordPress Dashboard:

As you installed a WordPress on your blog, you can now log in to your account. When you log in for the first time, you’ll see a dashboard or simply called (Admin Panel) that looks something like this below :


Now simply check out some most important ones for new bloggers to know:

  • “WordPress Dashboard” shows you an at-a-glance look at your recent activity, including how many posts are published, comments and pages you have into your blog. You can also write up a quick draft blog post here directly via this dashboard – but don’t – I’ll show you a better way a little later in this guide.
  • “Posts” is where you’ll click if you want to add a new blog post or edit an existing one. These are the published contents which shown on your blog.
  • “Media” this is the library / folder of all the pictures, videos, and audio files you’ve uploaded to your site. You can manage all of those items here easily.
  • “Pages” is where you can add a new permanent page – like a services or contact me page (not a blog post!) and manage the pages you’ve already created. Pages are like posts, but these are used for different purposes.
  • “Comments” is the place you’ll want to go to manage comments. You can see which comments are waiting for your approval, review comments you’ve approved, see which comments WordPress has labelled as spam and delete comments you don’t want.
  • “Appearance” – this is where you can edit your blog’s design / theme and install new themes and layouts and adding something new which you want.
  • “Plugins” is where you’d click if you wanted to install a new plugins, like a photo gallery or SEO tool then you can manage here.
  • “Settings” is the last section you need to know about. Here, you can change your site’s title and tagline, edit your email address and manage all of your website or blog important settings.

#5 – Design Your Blog (Themes & Layout)

WordPress has their own default themes and layout that you can freely use as a design to your blog.

But if you want to install a new layout and any new design to your blog then you can simply buy it and uploading on it and installing easily.

There are thousands of themes are available on the internet which you can use. Some are free to use and some are paid.

But I fully recommended you to not choose a free theme because it has many security issues and technical issues.

So always buy a theme from valuable source and installing into your blog. I recommended you to go on Themeforest.Net where you can getting a thousands of themes, plugins, scripts for WordPress and any other your website.

#6 – Customize & Optimize Your WordPress Blog

Customization is important in WordPress, because by default, something are missing in your WordPress installation.

When you choose your perfect WordPress theme, then now simply customize it with your needs and interest.

Like adding your required pages, links according to your needs and interest. After that, simply installed WordPress Plugins that helps you and unleash your WordPress success.

Simply optimize your WordPress blog by just adding some important plugins like Catche plugin, SEO plugins, Social Sharing Plugins, Forms and others which you required to fully optimize your blog.

#7 – Start Posting On Your Blog

Now this is the second last step in this guide. This is the time to start posting on your blog and create first post.

Beginners are not thinking about it properly, but content creation is just a very useful and important technique which helps you to get more organic traffic to your blog.

Your content will give you a chance of gaining valuable and useful readers to your blog. And once traffic comes on your blog, you blog could become a profitable and you will done the content creation is a full-time job.

But remember that, if your content is average, you may not attract much traffic at all.

So it is very important for you to create a valuable content that your readers loves to read and your content will solve your viewers requirements.

Always posting atleast 1 to 2 posts daily on your blog, doing this at all if you want to get successful in your blogging career.

But if your blog is about news, entertainment etc, then always covers the latest news first on your blog and share it with the world.

Because if others covers the same news first, then you can’t ever get attention of your readers.

So also make sure that you can create posts at least 2 to 3 a day at starting stage and then you can write according to your needs and interest.

If your content will not solve any problem of your readers, then believe me you can create as much content as you can, but people not give you any respect.

So always keep in mind that, content creation is a strategy, so first of all learn about it completely, how to create content, evergreen content, problem solving content and then writing for your blog and published with the world.

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule for your content posting on your blog will help you a lot to get the momentum. If you get some momentum then you’ll get two different benefits from it:

  1. The first thing is that, you’ll encourage your readers to visit your blog frequently by sharing your latest posts on time.
  2. Search engines also gives the preferences to those blogs and sites that are continually updates with the fresh content. So updating on a regular basis could give you more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advantage.

So if you choose the WordPress, then this post scheduling features helps you a lot. Simply you can create a content plan, write unique and fresh posts and then publish them on regular basis on time.

#8 – Get Traffic (Build Your Blog Traffic)

The final step after creating unique and useful content is the traffic generation. Once you’ve got the content on your blog, the main focus just on getting visitors to your blog and build your audience. People will think about it hard, and this isn’t as hard as people think.

You can first know about SEO, and learn all the other marketing tricks and methods, learn about promotions and ranking well in all search engines specially in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

You can get traffic with the following methods which are very beneficial for me and many others. So I think it might be also useful for you.

1. Social Media

Social media is a powerful way to get a huge traffic in a very little time. You can create your personal profiles and company pages on all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

When you published your new content on your blog, then you can also share on social media and get the valuable traffic. Social media networks will be drastically expand your blog’s reach all over the globe.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a powerful and useful strategy to get the organic traffic from search engines. If you learn the basics of On-page and Off-page and other SEO techniques, then believe me traffic will automatically comes to your site.

3. Forum Posting

Forums also a great source of traffic. People not participate in communities like Quora, Yahoo Answers, as well on forums. Forum posting is a great way to solve people problems and then get back all these readers to your blog just by placing your blog links into your answers to their questions.

Monetize Your Blog & Make Money

Now this is the step, people are waiting about it. Whenever your build your traffic to your site, then final step to your blogging success is to monetize your blog will different strategies like Viral Content Ads, Banner Advertisements, Affiliate Links etc.

There are many methods to monetize your blog and make money from your blog. Below I’ll discussed some important and profitable ways to monetize your blog for make money blogging.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertisements)
  • Banner Advertisements
  • CPM (Cost Per Mile Advertisements)
  • Text-Links Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Reviews
  • Selling Your Own Writing eBooks

and there are many others too. These methods are very useful and profitable if you’ve a blog and have some traffic, then simply monetize your blog via one of these method and make money online from your websites or blogs.

I hope you might be get it useful and it helps a lot for beginners who want to start a blog but have not any proper guide. This is my simple 8-steps guide for beginners to start a blog and make money online from it.

I hope you choosing the WordPress platform for your blogging, success, so in my next post, I’ll briefly discussed about how to create a blog on WordPress by step-by step procedures. So stay tuned ! ! !