Keyword Research: Ultimate Guide For SEO Professionals & Marketers

Keyword Research: Ultimate Guide For SEO Professionals & Marketers

"Building a SEO Strategies Without Keyword Research, is Like Building a Road Without Direction" Without any doubt, Keyword Research is qu

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“Building a SEO Strategies Without Keyword Research, is Like Building a Road Without Direction”

Without any doubt, Keyword Research is quite possibly the very important SEO factor which is the most important part of Search Engine Optimization.

“If You Don’t Have Time To Do It RIGHT, The main purpose and goal of this guide is to make keyword research more easy and accessible for all beginners to professionals level experts and internet marketers who worried about the research keywords for marketing.

“When Will You Have Time to Do It OVER”

You can say that, Keyword Research is just a marketing research technique in 21st Century.

This guide divided into different chapters, which is suitable for all to learn according to their needs and taste. This is the introduction chapter in which we completely know “What is Keyword Research” and and how to find best keywords for our website.

how to do keyword research - ultimate guide for SEO professionals

In general words, Keyword research is a practice for internet marketers and SEO professionals who use it to find and research about the most search terms which are searching by other people all around the world in search engine.

Professionals use this technique to find profitable keywords and getting better ranking in search engines like Google.

Because Google is the king of search engine and almost 80% traffic generated by Google itself, that’s why our main focus on Google first, but remaining 20% other search engine generated traffic, which also we work too to achieving better ranking in all major search engines.

“Google Must be a Woman, Because It Knows Everything”

If you’re a beginner in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or a professional, marketers or a learner, this guide will help you every walk of SEO.

You cannot to able to begin a campaign without proper knowledge in research, which phrases you’re targeting. Without keyword research you cannot estimate the total costs and returns of it from SEO unless you first know about your competitors and how to competitors keyword analysis for getting good outcome from this campaign.

These all things are only done via single word called “Keyword Research”.

You can do this using different keyword tools in which the No.1 and most powerful tool is “Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool” which you can use free of cost and get an idea about keywords.

Using Adword Keyword Tool you can done many SEO tactics which are all important factors in search engine optimization, like search keyword total monthly searches (Search Volume), keyword competition, suggested bid or CPC (Cost Per Click) in a better way.

You can also use different Keyword Research Tools which helps you to analyze search terms which are searched by any internet users in the search engines. Every search engine provides it’s own keyword tool for searching keywords and analyze your competitors.

Importance of Keyword Research

If you want to get benefits from these keywords, the only one thing to do is know how to find and then how to properly used for getting full benefits.

The main objective and importance of researching keywords is very high and important. You can generate and precise different search terms and collecting large number of keywords which are highly relevant to our topic which we want to searched.

In keyword research process, brainstorming involves with different keyword tools for research keywords. If you want to achieve your SEO result, it is highly important for you to selecting those keywords which are highly relevant and has a large number of search volume.


If you find a keyword with very low competition but has a large number of traffic search, then it easier to get rank higher in search engines if you utilize it properly into your contents. You can get huge number of visitors / traffic to your site and also leads, sales as much as you’ve traffic.

If you use irrelevant keywords which are not matched to your contents then it is easy for search engine to banned you and exclude your website from their search results. These are also called the Negative Keywords who affected your ranking and damage your brand.

So don’t be panic, just do this naturally, use your six sense , check keyword ranking, analyze your keywords using different keyword search tools and optimize your contents and then see the magic of this SEO strategies.

Benefits of Keyword Research

There are many benefits of keyword research which you know many of them. But I’ll share some important benefits which helps you and useful for your business.

#1 – Getting More Traffic to Your Website / Blog

#2 – Getting High Authority in Your Niche

#3 – Increase your Visibility Online

#4 – In Future, More Opportunities With Influencers

#5 – More Optimize Contents For Higher Ranking

#6 – Helps You In Internet Marketing

#7 – Drive More Leads, Sales and Commissions

#8 – Helps You In Content Marketing

#9 – Save Money and Time

#10 – Provide Insights Outside of Your Site

and many others which I discussed in my next chapters. After reading this benefits you get an idea about Keyword Research how much beneficial for our business and websites.

Despite the benefits, main objective and importance of keyword research and selection, mostly people keyword selection process looks like this below !

how to do keyword research

So this is the main three steps that are used by every researcher but well today, all that changes.

Here I share this comprehensive guide that’s going to show you how to finds the right keywords and some profitable phrases that your target market users to find information in the search engine by just typing that terms in search engine.

After that, if you doing the on-page SEO properly around that particular keywords, you’ll see out your site amazingly to the top of the search results (SERP) of Google. Not only getting traffic, but also landing you more sales, leads, customers, commissions etc.