Blog Writing: 12 Secrets for Writing Killer Blog Posts That Actually Get Noticed

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Today, millions of your competitors blog writing and posting on daily basis, but there’s one big question that all these content writers and bloggers are asking themselves and from others – how to write killer blog posts that actually get noticed, stand out and capture the readers attention?

There are many ways to answer this question, but according to my knowledge, the very simple answer is that – if you want to get noticed and stand out in this competition, you’ve trying to create blog posts that no one else is writing.

blog writing: how to write a killer blog posts

Billions of web pages are circulating on the internet, so chances are very less for you to be get notice, because most of the content you produce is irrelevant and invisible in search engines.

I’m not disheartening you, because this isn’t your fault and I’m not knock on your writing skills and ability, but this is the truth.

What is Meant by “Killer Blog Posts”?

In content marketing or content creation tactics, the word “Killer” just use to emphasize the phrase or sentence, like ‘writing a killer blog posts’ looking so attracting and get more noticed in readers eye as well as in search engines. The word “killer” is subjective in it’s nature.

To create a blog posts is not an easy task, but writing killer blog posts is much difficult because it contains different ingredients as compared to simple blog posts.

According to Neal Schaffer: (Twitter)

Be yourself, passionate about your subject, generous in sharing your knowledge. Align your content with your business objectives. This is a great combination for creating something which is bound to stand out.

If you writing a proper post that can be able to boost the traffic to your site or blog and also rich engagement on social media sites.

Killer blog posts is not mean to write a post with correct language grammar and lengthy article like 2000+ words. But the killer articles has their own unique look and feel.

You can writing on any topic, but if you want to get noticed then write a killer blog posts that increases your blog traffic, your total number of social shares and your blog authority.

Blog Writing Tips: 12 Secrets to Writing a Killer Blog Posts

Blog writing is an art and creating a killer blog posts is higher art. I’ve researching a lot and writing hundreds of blog posts on my blogs and websites, then I feel I’ve identified a few keys to what makes an article well received.

Here are top 12 blog writing secrets for killer blog posts.

1. Planning Before Write a Blog Post

There is no doubt the entire process of writing a blog post often takes couple of hours, even if your typing speed is high. But the biggest question before writing a blog posts is “Planning”.

Planning is the most first part of blog writing. Before blog writing, spend some time to planning your post, topic, title, images, url etc and then start writing.

2. Do Your Research

Many bloggers and writers don’t share this secret, but I told you one of the biggest secrets ever that all professional bloggers (myself included) don’t want you to know is that we don’t actually know everything.

do your research

Something we know about anything, but when we site down to write about this topic, we research a lot, find other related articles, read and sort them out and then decide what to write and make our post unique from others.

So research is the biggest thing in blog writing, and without proper research like keyword research, targeted keywords, competitors etc you can’t blog writing properly.

3. Create a great and attracting Title.

Concept of capturing people with marketing

Title is the most important and first thing to do for writing killer blog posts and this is the key for capturing the imagination of your readers.

Take some time to crafting your post title or headline that would get notice and capture you and your readers.

Always create an attracting and a great headline for your articles. You can also make it SEO friendly too to get more benefits from search engines.

4. Adding Categories

Categories are the sub parts of your blog that divided your blog into different parts. All new blog post is a stand-alone article or a part of any series you’re writing, always trying to fit into your blog categories.

Always to stay on topic and have your posts fully fit into the categories you’ve established.

When you create and choose your categories, ask yourself, do they make any sense. The blog categories will help you to generating meaningful content and topics for your site.

5. Be Ambitious

Always aim big because if you’re an ambitious while writing your blog posts then you become a successful in blog writing. When you writing a “Top 10” list post then think why not aim to write a “Top 100” list?

This aim (idea) not only will gives you reward in terms of traffic, but starting with such an ambitious idea will inspire you with quality.

Remember that, be ambitious is not just limited to list articles. You’re also write any article, then trying to aim something big, high quality and extraordinary.

6. Hook People With First 200 Words

The first paragraph is the most important part of your blog writing efforts. A great introduction is the biggest key to the success of any blog post.

“First Impression is the Last Impression”

This is not just a single phrase, but it explain itself. When anyone comes to your blog posts or any single page of your site, the first 200 words (Opening Paragraph) works more and if you don’t focus on this then you can lose many visitors.

The first paragraph should contains things that will catch the readers attention. You can write about something amazing, definitive, facts and controversial that effects on your readers and helps to stick your page and force to read the whole post.

7. Avoid Repetition

repetition images

Many things are much jarring to read than the repetition of certain phrases and sentences. Always trying to use synonyms if any words are use again and again into your blog post.

Once you’re done your post draft, read through it and check each and every words that can be use to replaced to avoid repeating yourself.

BONUS TIP: If you use more than the required keyword, then this is going in keyword stuffing. To avoid stuffing, find any word that repeats and replace it with it’s synonyms.

8.Optimize Your Blog Post for Search

A great and killer blog posts follows all the basic rules of search engine optimization (SEO) like SEO optimized post titles, keyword ratio, use inbound links, anchor texts, permalinks and the most important targeted keywords in first and last sentence.

If you want to write a killer blog posts that get noticed, then follow these basic SEO rules and all others which are important to helps you to appear in search engine result pages (SERP).

9. Shorten Your Paragraph, If Possible

Are you glaze over while reading a paragraph?

Do you read a long paragraph that not make any sense?

Do you face too many objectives, adverbs, active-passive voice and other phrases that don’t make any sense?

If you face any of these problem, then try to shorten your paragraphs! Otherwise, long sentences that make sense probably fine as is.

10. Content is King

There is no doubt, “Content is King” and without content web is empty. You can write content in any format, make video content, images, infographics, audios, text etc.

You can write about anything, but if you want to boosting your blog traffic, then write not just a content but Great Content.

Without great content you can’t able to attract readers and also not get noticed in search results. Write blog posts about that topic that can be stay in readers mind for long time.

If you want to do that, you can easily link back your old posts with this post and get more pageviews.

11. Target Some Specific Audience

Almost all topics are vary according to different locations. Like some topics are well known in USA, UK and Canada like countries but not in Asian countries like Pakistan, India.

find your targeted audience

There are also a number of popular topics are available which are well-known in Asia like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc but not in European countries.

So it is most important factor that your post get noticed if you targeting and address a specific audience.

12. End With a Punchy Conclusion

So, you’re plan your blog post, then proper research on it, making an attractive and eye catching title, meta description, writing in proper way, SEO optimize, then the last thing you doing to end up this post with a punchy conclusion.

In basic SEO, this is also recommended that to add your targeted keywords in the last paragraph with some long-tail keywords.

After drafting introduction and body now working on the conclusion.

The most easiest way is simply summarize your whole article in the last 100-200 words. This also helps to your readers as well as search engine robots.

Instead, you can either end up your blog post with a question or call-to-action or other stuffs, make it catchy, punchy and summarize it in proper way.

Additional Blog Writing Tips:

These are the top 12 blog writing secrets that helps you to writing a killer blog posts to get noticed. All these tips are important and if you doing in proper way then you can’t imagine the results.

I’ve also advised you to write a lengthy blog posts like 2000 to 3000 words and included your targeted keywords in short-tail as well a long tail. Search engine also prefer those article which contains more information and more keywords.

This is the additional killer blog writing secret, but if you choose a topic that only solve withing 500 words then it’s OK. I hope you may like these blog writing tips to get more traffic.

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