10 Must Have WordPress Plugins That Save Your Time 2017

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins That Save Your Time 2017

Plugins are the addons or small softwares, that enhance the performance of WordPress sites. WordPress is the world most popular CMS system for creatin

50+ Best WordPress Plugins Essentials for Every WP Site on Internet

Plugins are the addons or small softwares, that enhance the performance of WordPress sites. WordPress is the world most popular CMS system for creating blogs and websites. By default WordPress provide great flexibility and different features. But you can also enhance your productivity using the WordPress plugins.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins are already in the market which you can use for your website. Some are optional but many of them are must have plugins, because without these plugins you can’t get success.


Here in this list, I’ll share top 10 must have popular WordPress plugins that save your time and efforts.

Many thing you can doing well using these plugins, like optimize your WP site using SEO plugin, improve your loading speed using cache plugin, broken link checker, generating your WordPress sitemaps, increase your website security and many more.

Are you ready?

Now explore my top 10 popular WordPress plugin you must have in your sites.

Top 10 Popular WordPress Plugins That Save Your Time

Almost there are many important and must-have WordPress plugins which you can use to save your time and effort. But some are compulsory, so here are top 10 popular WordPress plugins that helps you to save your time.

These are the best plugins and almost every WP site use them. So if you’ve a websites hosted on WordPress, then these plugins save much time and provide better performance.

Yoast SEO WP Plugin (WordPress SEO)


Doing SEO separately on every web page into your site is very difficult task.

Want to save your time and effort, use “Yoast SEO” WP plugin.

There are different SEO plugin available in the market which you can use but the most leading and the perfect SEO plugin is the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress sites.

You can optimize your WP site using Yoast SEO plugin. It can fully optimize your blog post and web pages and you’ll easily get the #1 rank in search engine results (SERP).

Yoast SEO also forces you to choose a focus keyword when you’re writing your articles, and then makes sure you use that focus keyword everywhere in your articles.

W3 Total Cache WP Plugin


Are you want more speed?

Website loading speed is the biggest factor now a days for higher ranking in search engines.

Different tools and plugins are use for this purpose but the most leading and best plugin for this purpose called “W3 Total Cache” WordPress plugin that save your time.

W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and user experience of your site, and also increasing your performance and website speed, reducing download times like CDN integration and other tools.

Millions of users use this plugin shows it’s popularity. So use this plugin into your site, this is the must have and important WordPress plugin.

Wordfence Security WP Plugin


Security is the big concern for online businesses and website owners.

People trying to do something different, using tools to secure their websites.

In WordPress, by default many security features are included, but if you want more security features then use “Wordfence Security” plugin.

This plugin can save your time by automatically secure your whole websites from spammers, hackers, malwares and illegal attacks etc.

Wordfence security plugin can manages all your login input data, users IP’s. passwords, information, site analytics and much more.

Google XML Sitemaps WP Plugin


Sitemaps are some kind of files that submit to search engine robots to automatically crawling and indexing your latest articles and webpages.

Submitting one by one article to search engine is much difficult task and no one have such a time to do this hard stuff.

So WordPress provide the amazing plugin called “Google XML sitemaps” which generates your sitemaps and submitting to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

So whenever you published new article on your site, sitemaps automatically update and telling to search engine robots to crawl and index your latest web pages.

WP Smush Image Optimization WP Plugin


WP Smush or Smushit is really one of the must-have plugins for WordPress sites. People use more and more images into their site that reduce your speed of website.

WP Smush image optimization plugins can automatically optimizing your all images into your site. Smush Image Compression and Optimization can resize, optimize and compress all of your images.

It is 100% free WordPress image smusher, which compressing and optimizing your site images and increasing your website speed which is the biggest factor in SEO ranking.

Akismet WP Plugin


Comments are the best way to provide the way to your visitors to providing feedback’s related to your web page. One of the most common issued faced by WordPress users is the SPAMMY COMMENTS.

Akismet is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps you and protect you and your site again spam comments. It can filter out any comments on your blog or website that look like spam or it contains any invalid links.

Akismet automatically checks the comments against the Akismet Web Service.

JetPack WP Plugin


Jetpack WordPress plugin can keep any WP site secure, increasing traffic and engage your readers.

This plugin can simplifies and manage the WP websites and gives you the full analytical report about your visitors with different security features.

Jetpack also optimizing the website images so your loading speed increasing enormously.

Jetpack also provide security features and protect your site against the different threads and spammers. You can also managing your posts, menus, plugins, stats using main dashboard it provide.

Contact Form 7 WP Plugin


Contact Form 7 can manage your multiple contact forms, plus you can also fully customize your form and the main contents using simple markup tags.

It is the digital generation WordPress plugin that provide different features which we are want in our site.

So save your time by managing different forms separately, using Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin and managing all your forms at one place.

AdSense Plugin WP QUADS


If you’re a AdSense Publisher, then this is the best choice for you.

AdSense Plugin WP QUADS (formally Quick AdSense Reloaded) is the best WP plugin for managing Google AdSense ads into your site.

Google AdSense is the world leading and most popular advertisement network where advertisers gives ads and publishers showing their ads to their sites, blogs and make money.

WP QUADS is a free AdSense inserting plugin which is used by more than 60,000+ websites. It can also automatically resize your AdSense ads according to the different devices.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights WP Plugin


Website analytics helps you to tracking your visitors stats, posts, keywords, comments and much more. Google provide the tool for managing all your analytics using “Google Analytics Tool”.

But this reduce your effort and spent more time. So simply use Google Analytics for WordPress plugin provided by MonsterInsights.

This plugins helps you to connect your Google Analytics with WordPress, so you can easily see how visitors find and use your website and you can managing it properly within your WP admin panel (WordPress Dashboard).

So there you go, it’s your TURN!!!

If I missing out any must-have WordPress plugin, comment below and I’ll added it into this list and improve with your feedback. Are you love this list, tell me using comment box below and I’ll really appreciate your feeback.