SEMRush Keyword Tool : Which is the best Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool?

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The Keyword Difficulty is a very important concept because it gives an idea about which are the best keywords which we use and easily ranked.It is a very popular concept in keyword research.

Here in this article, I’ll just gives you the simple answer about the question which asked by my readers “Which is the best keyword difficulty tool”.

Semrush Best Keyword Tool for Check Keyword Difficulty

Whenever you talk about this term “Keyword Difficulty”, then only two basic things are born in our mind that is, “how difficult is this keyword?” , and the other is “how difficult would it be for my website or blog to rank easily for this keyword?”.

Just see this example: “SEO” is a very competitive keywords or “Search Engine Optimization” both are same, but we search about “SEO” then will be appeared very first result, because it contains search engine which is fully relevant to SEO.

So these kinds of keywords helps us to getting higher ranking in SERP.

In order to finding the best and easy keywords for your site, first you might find it helpful to think more in terms of comparative competitive analysis :

  • Does my website have quality backlinks than top ranker or not?
  • Is my contents are optimized better for that keyword?
  • Can I optimized my anchor texts?
  • Is my domain authority higher or not?
  • Is my domain authority more higher that particular keyword or topic?

and many others which are necessary to find out first. Then compare your keywords ranking with others and find it’s difficulty.

I don’t generally too much like the AdWords Keyword Planner, for getting search results and organic traffic analysis. As it’s name suggested that, it’s basically designed for Advertisers.Also it’s competitions levels are fairly different.

In this article, I’ll share which is the best keyword tool for checking their difficulty and competition.

There are a many powerful and free tools and different ways are available to check out how much competitive a keyword is.

Video : SEMRush Keyword Difficulty Tool

But near me, the SEMRush Keyword Tool is the most perfect and powerful tool that helps you to find out the keyword difficulty easily without any hesitation.

You can also try out the MOZ for that purpose, MOZ also provide this facility to checking the difficult of keyword.

But I’ll recommended you SEMRush, because it is my favorite and I’ll also use it. This gives you the whole data about keywords like Keywords competitions, keyword ranking in search engine, estimated CPC, and estimated traffic to that particular keyword.

This keyword tool also shows you which sites are ranking for the terms you want to target.

Also remember that, SEMRush only gives you a limited number of free queries but if you want to explore more then you must be purchase their premium membership.

SEMRush Keyword Tool to Check Keyword Difficulty / Competition

#1 – First of all go to SEMRush site.

#2 – Now enter any domain URL or keyword and hit “Search”.

#3 – Now you see out the keyword overview, in the left sidebar menus, select the “Keyword Difficulty”.

#4 – Now here you check out the Keyword Competition and how much difficult to rank that particular keyword.

So in this way, you can checking the difficulty of any keyword or a domain or a URL easily. You can use SEMRush for a limited number of times for free, but after that you’ll not use this tool without purchasing it’s premium membership.

But I’ll don’t recommended you to buy it’s membership, first simply use it and if you find that is awesome and useful for you then purchase it’s membership for it’s new many other features.

I hope you’re are easily understand about this, and if you’ve any question in your mind, then feel free to comment below this post.