101 Unique SEO Tips That Actually Works for Your Businesses in 2018

101 Unique SEO Tips That Actually Works for Your Businesses in 2018

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing technique to helps you to get higher search engine ranking. Here is the biggest collection of 101 uniq

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing technique to helps you to get higher search engine ranking. Here is the biggest collection of 101 unique SEO tips that actually works for your small businesses like a dream in 2018.

Are you build up your website or blog. You create your logo and making user friendly layout. You have good amount of content already published, and a plan for more fresh content in the near future. You’ve all setup your website requirements like terms of services, FAQ’s, Emails… everything you need to launch. Now the biggest thing you want to get visitors. Here are my 101 unique SEO tips for small businesses that can helps you.

These are the best SEO tips on the Internet. The best part of this ultimate list guide is that all the SEO tips are 100% unique, actionable and powerful that actually works.

So, if you want higher ranking scroll down the page!!!

101 Best SEO Tips That Actually Works In 2018 (SEO Guide)

There are many SEO tips that I share with my readers, but this is the bunch of SEO tips which is putted at one place. These SEO tips will helps you into your online businesses and make your business sky-rocket.

So what are you waiting for? Try these best SEO tips that actually works for your businesses.

#1 – Think Before Writing

Always think before your writing a new content. Focus on your main theme and realize yourself about which is the core of my new post.

Ask it to yourself as a reader which are the things that I want to search out on the search engines. After that, doesn’t waste more time, just do the action.

#2 – Content is King

The most important factor in SEO tips is the CONTENT. If your content is poor, then there is no other thing to get organic traffic from search engines now a days.

Search engines like Google loves to fresh and unique valuable content that helps other to solve their problems. They want to show something best that anyone searches on the search bar.

So always create a unique, fresh and valuable content even you’ve writing about any topic that will be useful to your target audience.

#3 – NO SEO

No SEO means no visitors to your site specially from search engines. If you don’t properly use SEO tips to your site, then believe me there is no other option for you to get higher traffic and rank your site for any relevant keyword to your site.

This guide is all about different SEO tips, so focus on these tips if you want a sustainable success.

#4 – Finding the Actionable Keyword

Keyword Research is a biggest term in SEO. If you don’t do it properly and not find the best keyword for your single page/article then you can even get higher ranking in search engines.

#5 – Find Best Long-Tail Keywords

If you write an article about “top 10 SEO tips to get backlinks” and you aren’t have long tail phrases in your article, then you can’t get higher ranking the keyword backlinks.

Finding out the popular phrases of about the single keyword that people are search for. This will gives you a lot of help to get higher ranking.

#6 – On-Page SEO Tips

There are two basic types of SEO, on-page and off-page SEO. On-Page SEO means all the required things which you can do inside your site, like site title, permalinks/url, headings etc.

If you can’t do this wisely, then you can’t achieve good results. On-Page SEO tips are very important.

#7 – Off-Page SEO Tips

Getting backlinks from other well-ranked sites, blogs, forums is a hard stuffs but it’s value you can’t imagine. So always doing well off-page SEO tips which means all the requirements which are necessary outside the site (e:g Backlinks) then it is a very hard to get good result.

#8 – Add LSI Keywords to Your Posts

While creating new article or any new page on your site, always try to include the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords which are generally known as “Synonyms” or more simply called “Related Words”.

So always find such words which are highly related to your target keyword and included into your content.

#9 – Use Outbound Links

Internal linking is a great idea to show your previous work to your readers with the new one. Does linking to relevant content helps your ranking?

YES ! ! !

Google’s take it seriously, and also in market study seems to show us that outbound linking may be helpful that give your content a slight rankings boost.

#10 – Crafting Your Title (H1 Tags)

The biggest thing in your article is the Title of your page. People will firstly seen on title and if they realized that it might be attracting, and interesting then they read the content.

It is the biggest keyword location you need to focus on. Always use your primary keyword in title and also make sure that your title in H1 tag.

There are different SEO tips share on the internet about H1 heading. But in my view, use only one time h1 tag in single article. The SEO tips about headings here: How to Use Headings

#11 – Optimize Your Meta Data (Meta Description)

When you searching out anything on Google, you might be seen the results like below:

seo meta description

First important thing is the title of the post, but the other important thing is the meta data or meta description about that particular page of your site.

meta tag description

How do you getting this description? I’ve find out that Google uses these two factors:

  1. The page’s overall authority
  2. Unique and powerful tips at the top of the page.

So when it makes some sense, put an actionable tip at the top of your page. Google may grab that SEO tips and use it in the extra long meta tag description in search results.

Always optimize it properly and adding your targeted keyword in it and make it long you can but describe the whole theme of your post withing 3 to 4 lines.

#12 – Know About Your Competitors

Today world is the full of competitors. In every walk of life you’ll get your competitors. Same like in SEO, first of all find out which sites are ranking on 1st page for your targeted keyword that you want to rank for.

Going to their site, check the articles, content, title, links etc and then doing your work more properly and keep all these things in mind while writing your own blog post.

#13 – Links are Queen

People said that: “Content is King” then other phrase is “Links are Queen”. It’s true without unique content there is nothing on the internet, but it is also true that, if you’ve not a perfect and useful links then there is no choice to get rid of your work.

So always try to build up a network using quality backlinks, but not do this like a robot. Doing it like a human naturally.

#14 – Optimize Page URL (Permalinks)

Permalinks plays a vital role in search ranking. If you have a keyword and included it into your post url then there are more chance to get rank for it.

#15 – URL Extensions Doesn’t Matter in SEO Tips

There are different URL file extention people are use like .html, .htm, .php, .asp etc. But it doesn’t matter in ranking. Although search engine loves HTML pages, but in today SEO, there is nothing required to include extension because search engine automatically detect it.

#16 – Add Text Content to Infographic Pages

Where you posts infographics with your readers, always included some text content relevant to that infographic. It helps search engine robots to better know about the page content.

#17 – Use Lots Images into Your Blog Post

Whenever you published your new blog posts, always included 1 or 2 or more images. Images speaks better than text. So it also helps you to engage with your readers.

Without any images, people are bored while reading just a text content. So included some attracting images which are relevant to your content.

#18 – ALT Tag for Images

When you use images, in SEO point of view, use ALT meta tag for every single image you can use into your site.
In today SEO, search engine doesn’t need it because robots are actually reads what the image about. But it helps you more to generate traffic from picture searches.

#19 – PageRank Was NO MORE

As Google it self announce that they don’t really be take it seriously into consideration anymore in today SEO. So it doesn’t matter what your pagerank is and you don’t even need to work for it.

If your site is good, getting higher traffic, then it will increase automatically.

#20 – Fresh Content can Help to Improve Your Rankings

Always try to included new, unique content, useful content to your pages on a regular basis. Fresh content helps search engine to find out the engagement rate of your site and your site will be ranking automatically.

Content freshness adds relevancy to your site/blogs in the eyes f the search engines like Google.

#21 – Focus Not Single Words, But on Search Phrases

It is very important that you would be focus on search phrases not only on single keywords. Also try to included your local location in your content that helps you to get found in the local SEO searches. But keep in mind that not to be over-optimize.

#22 – Designing Your Website SEO Friendly

Many people mainly focus on their site design. They don’t considering SEO optimisation while designing their site that may be harm for them. Make sure that your web designer understands your all the expectations to getting organic traffic from search engines.

So always focus on SEO while designing your website and also make sure that not be over-design your site. Make it unique, simple and clean like easily load in a very little time.

#23 – Follow the Google Rules

It must be a very important for all webmasters and bloggers to follow the search engines rules and policies to getting advice specially from Google. You can follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Webmaster Help Videos to learn much more.

#24 – Keep in Mind Google Penalties

Today SEO is completely change and search engine prefer many other factors to rank to your site. People are trying to do something different and many times getting Google penalties.

So always keep in mind that Google penalizes you if you over-optimize your site. A penalty from search engines result in a significant and often long-term basis, and it will loss of visitors to your website.

#25 – Include YouTube Videos in Your Content

As it might be very general perception that, Images speaks better than text and videos speaks better than images. So it is very useful to include videos into your post content.

Videos gives better expression to your readers as well as search engine robots because when robots comes to your site, they will crawl your text content, images and as well as videos content.

#26 – Use YouTube Suggest to Find Video Keywords

I said earlier that video speaks better than images so included into your content. But not just included, you will be fully optimize your videos so you can get better ranking.

Yup, just like you do with Google, doing well with YouTube too.

powerful seo tips

#27 – SEO Optimize Long Description for YouTube Videos

YouTube said that the duration of YouTube videos always long. So long video gets more ranking as compared to short video. Same like that, long video descriptions help Google to understand what your video is about.

SEO optimize youtube video description

So I personally recommend you to writing a YouTube video description long that are at least 500 words.

#28 – Use End Screens on YouTube to Get More Subscribers

Are you ant to get more YouTube subscribers?

Add an “End Screens” feature to the end of your each video on YouTube and ask to your viewers to subscribe you.

youtube end screen

I personally experienced that by adding this feature on the end of your videos, I’ll getting much more subscribers on YouTube. So I recommend you to use this feature and getting more YouTube subscribers.

#29 – Use “LIKE THIS” Captions into Your Video

While making and editing your YouTube video, always try to include captions e.g “LIKE THIS” or something like that. This will increases your ranking because it is the best SEO signal for YouTube robot.

youtube seo tips

Instead of sitting silent back and HOPING that people hit “Like” button automatically on your YouTube videos, why not you ask them?

#30 – SEO Doesn’t Work on Two Sites

If you’ve a website and you can fully optimize it regularly update it and getting huge organic traffic from search engines. But it is not sure that an SEO strategy that worked for your first site isn’t guaranteed to work for your another websites.

Because there are many different factors which are included on your site ranking.

#31 – SEO Isn’t Short Term

Search Engine Optimization is a long term process and it’s results also very long term basis. Many newbies think that, SEO shows result quickly, but it’s not TRUE.

SEO takes times to get ranking you and might be weeks, months or even years. Because it all depends on your effort and way of optimisation.

#32 – Make Website on One Thing

When ever you think and plan to make a website or create a blog, one thing keep in mind that, choose only one topic. One primary topic that is most essential to your message.

This is very first step, so you may want to do a little keyword research before choosing a topic and then getting starting on it.

#33 – Include Your Primary Keyword Where They Matter Most

When you choose your primary keyword, then use it on all important places where they matter most. Like included your primary keyword in post title, permalinks, meta description, blog categories, and content via headings H1, H2 and H3 most.

#34 – Link Internal Pages on Your Site

When you create a lot of content, then you can interlinking these articles which are related to each other. Like if writing a new blog post on “how to do seo keyword research” then you can included the other already published posts about SEO in it.

Interlinking helps you to increase your link juice and it is important in the search engine eyes. It also increases your backlinks within your site.

#35 – Remove Unwanted Things From Your Site

There are many CMS (Content Management System) are used today, like WordPress, then people are use different plugins, widgets, themes etc on their site. So as a result their site slow down and takes a lot of loading time.

So it is very important for you to get rid of all the unwanted and non-essentials things that bog down your site and increase your website loading time.

#36 – Be Sure You Unique

Uniquness is a very important factor to your ranking. Always be focused on keyword title tag on very single page of your site. If you must have the name of your website, blog or company, put it at the end of each title of your site page.

Your business name will probably get some searches that helps you to getting more organic traffic from search engines.

#37 – Check URL Canonicalization Issues

Always try to check out www and non-www domains. When you launch your site then decide which you want to use and then 301 redirect the other to it.

For example, if you domain is http://www.domain.com and you prefer to show http://domain.com then simply redirect to it via 301 url redirect.

#38 – Don’t Use JavaScript or Flash Content

Many people trying to show out some amazing things on their site using JavaScript, frames, flash and AJAX which increase your site loading time. So don’t use flash content or JavaScript code on site, but if you’ve then reduce it as much as possible.

#39 – Use Google Webmaster Tools

When you lauch and plan a new website then make sure that you submit your sitemap to webmaster tools to different search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc.

Search engine submission SEO articles helps you to indexing faster than any other way.

#40 – SEO Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

SEO takes time not money as much. You can easily get big results on a small budget if you invest time in creating useful, and valuable unique content and building your online relationship with your readers.

#41 – New Site More Time

If your website is new then it takes more time to get ranking in search engine. There are billions of pages are indexed in search engines which already ranked. So it takes time to build authority and trust to get higher ranking.

#42 – SEO Doesn’t Mean One Time Investment

If your website to continue to rank higher in search engine, attract more visitors and make more sales, then it doesn’t mean it always working as well.

You should always be adding more useful content and improving it as much as you can with the passage of time.

#43 – Follow Search Engine Algorithms

Search engine updates their algorithms with the passage of time. To attain and retain good rankings you need to adapt some search engine optimisation strategies which search engine evolve over the time.

So always make sure that you’ve follow all the rules and guidelines of search engine updates and apply on your site.

#44 – Doing Proper Keyword Research

In my SEO tips guide, this is the important part: “Keyword Research Methodology”.

Keyword research should be the important and starting point of any SEO or content marketing campaign. Without researching the proper keywords which people are searching in your niche on search engine, you’ll relying on luck.

Because without doing proper keyword research you can’t ever get higher ranking and that’s no way to run your business.

#45 – Find Which Keyword Best Your Competitors

It’s important in offline business as well as online business to follow your competitors. It will be cool if you could find the exact keywords you competitors are ranking for and how much search engine organic traffic those keywords are bringing in?

You can do it in second simply using SemRush Keyword Tool.

#46 – Find Lucrative Keywords With High Volume

To build you organic traffic, you’ll want to try and rank for those keywords that have the huge amount of total number of searches in your targeted country.

google keyword tool

For this purpose simply use Google SEO Keyword Planner, enter your target keyword and find those lucrative keyword that are high volume in your target country.

#47 – Collect Similar Keywords into Topics

All search engines like Google getting much smarter than you. They figuring out the connection between keywords.
Like if you searches a keywords “link building” then there are many other keywords are appears which are same like to that.

keyword relevancy

Google knows that if people are searching for “link building” then it means it all relevant to “link building techniques”, “link building tips” etc.

#48 – Considering Search Intent

Sometimes we use relevant keywords when we research a keyword. But just because the high volume of keyword, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be rank well for you.

google analytics tool

For example: If you searching a “Google Analytics” on Google, you will find amazing millions of searches just from USA and all over the globe.

But you notice that people will search this term and just go to the first site and sign in to Google Analytics. They don’t focus on other sites like rank on position 2nd to onward.

For more better keyword search intent follow this.

#49 – Include Exact Long Tail Keywords in Title Tags

Let’s say you’re going for the keyword: “email marketing”. Then you could simply optimize your main title tag around that keyword.

long tail keyword tool

The best practice is simply use Google search and enter your required keyword then find out the most precious long tail keyword and include it right into your title tag.

In this way, you can quickly rank fr the long tail keyword. And over the time you can ALSO rank for your main targeted keyword “email marketing”.

#50 – Combine Similar Posts into a MEGA Guide

Are you already published 500+ words articles? but you don’t get huge success, then don’t worry these are not ruin.

If you have a bunch of similar articles then simply combine them all these articles within a single guide and share with your readers.

Google consider more importance to that post which has quality and authority links. So consolidate all these similar posts and make a meta guide for your readers.

#51 – Create Branded Keywords

Branded keywords mean create some extraordinary keywords that you coin yourself.

These branded keywords helps you to getting more attention to your readers as well as search engine robots.



Guide That Actually Works for You.

The Content Upgrade Method.

These are all the terms that I coined and share with you.

And because of that fact, I’ll getting much ranking on my blogs and other sites.

#52 – Before Deciding Keyword Look at the SERP’s

First of all look at the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) before deciding on a keyword. There are many different factors that make sure you couldn’t get ranking.

Knowledge Graph.



These are the search engine features that can easily steal clicks from your organic results.

So before deciding your final keyword, look at the SERPs. If there are a lots of advertisements results, then move to other keyword and decide it.

#53 – Optimize Keywords in Positions #6 – #15

Many times some important pages are not ranked, but they are appear in 6 to 15 results in search engine. Pages ranking to that positions can sometimes cracking up to the top 5 results using little efforts.

#54 – Target Brand New Keywords

There are many new websites, apps, blogs are launching each and every new day. Also many powerful and biggest brands launch their own products for the ease of their customers.

google keyword tool

So recognize these brands keywords and target them as much quickly as you can. As when you search a keyword “Google Keyword Planner” then within 3 to 5 result you can see the blog Backlinko. Because he target this keyword back in 2014 when it brand new.


#55 – Using Only Target Keyword in Your URL

There are many times on my older blogs, I’ve making long permalinks for each post to focus on the long tail keywords and getting organic traffic from search engines.

But NOW almost SEO changed very much.

I knew that short, keyword-rich URLs were the best for SEO.

And then I thought that, “why not to make my all URL the exact keyword that I want to rank for?”.

You don’t believe it worked very well! That’s why today I use mostly URL like : example.com/focus-keyword/

#56 – Focus on Actionable Content

Always try to focus on actionable content and create to share with your readers. It boils down to sharing on social media and people are more likely to share and sometimes link to super-valuable and practical content.

It is the best SEO tips ever share with you, just like viral content post, create something unique, something innovative, something attracting. So always try to focus on actionable content.

#57 – Test Your Site’s Load Speed Time

There are many free tools (Like Pingdom)are available that provide you the facility to check your website loading time. So simply test your site’s load time and make it faster as you can.

#58 – Don’t Focus Keyword Density – Focus on Keyword Frequency

As almost everyone know that Google uses keyword density as a major ranking factor.

But in my opinion, they look at the total number of times your keyword appears on your page which is known as keyword frequency.

Think about it with your mind.

Suppose that if one page contained the keyword “Email Marketing” only once and same like that in the other page contained the same keyword for 10 times. Which page would you think is more likely to be about “email marketing”?

Thought so about it.

#59 – Include Terms & Privacy Policy Pages into Your Site

If you’ve a website or blog, then you may be know about these important pages.

This may or may not be a direct Google ranking factor.

These pages are easy to find and help you site to stand out form other dull and low level sites that don’t usually have these pages.

Also visitors think that, terms of services and privacy policy pages are only seeing on “real” sites.

And if you don’t have them it’s possible that people won’t consider your site or legit and useful for others. So include it to show better impression to your readers.

#60 – Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool of Google which helps you to find out, among other things, what keywords your site is ranking for and which other sites are linking to yours.

#61 – Use Google Analytics Tool

The most important and amazing Google tool known as “Google Analytics Tool” that helps you to find out, among other things, how total number of visitors visit your site, which keyword are mostly searched in search engine to find your site and what pages they visit.

#62 – Use Google+ Page For Your Business

This is the age of social media and people are mostly used these sites on regular basis. Among of them, Google+ is also important site of Google which helps to your business.

Doing so builds trust with Google and improves your rankings for localised keywords. Google+ pages also indexed in Google, so sharing your site links on Google plus business page and getting more searches from Google.

#63 – Add Keyword Synonyms in H1 & H2 Tags

H1 and H2 plays a vital role in search ranking. Almost every page title of your site in H1 tag. And mostly SEO expert said that, use only one H1 tag.

I usually use my exact keyword in my posts H1 and H2 tag. But when I realized that my page is over-optimized, then I’ll try to replace my exact keyword with a synonym instead.

Like words are Huge, Big, Enormous are synonyms all have the same meaning.

#64 – Make Your Title Tag Upto 60 Characters

Everything has it’s own limit. Same like that Google used to limit the title tag length based on the total number of character used.

But in today SEO? They use pixels (current limit is 512 pixels)

Counting pixels is very difficult, so I just count total characters and decide to share with you that keep you title tag under 60 characters which is the best according to Google limit.

#65 – Use Social Sharing Buttons

Many times I searching something on the internet and find some useful content but I don’t find out social share buttons.

That’s why I telling you that to use social sharing buttons which are super-easy to find to your readers. I recommend you to use floating sharing buttons which are the best for higher result.

#66 – Implement Recommendations from Google Page Insights As You Can

Simply go to Google’s Page Speed Insights tool which helps you to find out how much faster your site is? Simply run your website through the Google Page Speed Insights tool and implement recommended changes where practical.

google page insight

#67 – If you’re Running WordPress, Install Caching Plugin

Website speed plays important role in ranking. A good caching plugin will make a HUGE difference to your site’s speed.

WordPress become a heavy and taking lot of time to completely load your site. This quickly slows down your site to crawl.

A caching plugin serves static HTML versions of your pages to visitors, which load in an instant and mean your server can deal with much higher volumes of traffic.

Plugin wise, I highly recommended W3 Total Cache.

#68 – Use Different Traffic Sources

People are only think that there is a only one search engine known as “Google”.

Everyone find anything on the internet first of all go to Google. Google is a great source of traffic but not 100%.
There are many other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Ask etc also add some part of 100% searches on the internet.

So don’t rely on the Google, also optimize your site for other traffic sources.

#69 – Create Social Media Profiles

Due to the huge uses of social media sites, people are using day and night these sites. Like people are use Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+ on their daily basis.

So important for you to create your business pages on all these important social sites and getting huge amount of organic traffic from them.

#70 – YouTube a Great Source of Traffic

There is no doubt the world’s second most visiting site on the internet is “YouTube”.

Always create videos and upload it on YouTube to your company profile or personal YouTube channel. Include your website links in the description to getting number of searches as well.

#71 – Link Building – Think Quality Not Quantity

Link building is important technique and it is important in today SEO.

When we talk about link building, then one thing keep in mind that think quality not quantity.

One singe and useful authority backlink can do a lot more for your site than a dozen of poor quality backlinks, which are actually hurt you a lot.

#72 – Create Content in Natural Language

Search engines want natural language content not like a robot. Don’t ever try to keyword stuffing. It won’t work in today SEO. Search engines now looks at how many times the term is used in your content, and if the term is usually high count, then it will against you than for you.

#73 – Relevant Keywords Use Around LINKS

When you interlink your content or somehow include any third part link to your content, then try to surround the link with descriptive text that helps you alot.

Example: SEO Tips to Rank #1 in Google (13 SEO Tips to Ranking on Google First Page)

#74 – Optimize Your E-Commerce Products

Same like blog posts optimisation, make sure that your e-commerce products also optimized well. If you selling something on your site or you’ve a online digital store then make sure that you will be optimize your products pages like blog posts.

Simply use some long tail keywords to their description, use LSI keywords and when it makes sense, include long product description.

#75 – Optimize Your Homepage (Make Brand & Conversation)

There is no doubt your homepage has the highest authority as compared to any other page of your site.

YES it is.

But in general, you may seeing that homepages are not have tons of content so search engine doesn’t prefer it to show to the visitors. In short homepages generally aren’t the that type of pages that Google or any other search engine consider to show to their users.

But you can use your homepage for building your brand image and conversation. That’s why I also focus on my homepage to make it brand name and on conversation.

#76 – Publish Long Content (More Than 1000+ Words)

There are many SEO studies compile this theory that, correlation between the long content and higher rankings.
It’s not mean that if you writing a post about 2000+ words then you’ll getting a skyrocket and on first page on Google.

But there are plenty of factors that helps you to getting higher ranking.

Like long article included more targeted keywords, more long tail keywords, more LSI keywords, more links etc, so it’s authority becomes double. That’s why always try to publish long content but quality content.

#77 – Target Keyword Use First in Title Tag

To optimizing your post title tag, there are two different SEO tips about that.

Include your target keyword inside anywhere in the title tag.

seo guide


Use target keyword in first.

seo guide

#78 – Update Your Old Content

It is very useful in you to relaunch your old content not only for readers but also for search engines.

When you’re updating your old content, search engine robots comes to your site and re-index this page which also helps you higher ranking. A HubSpot shows that how their ranking will increase before and after updating their old content.

seo tips for content marketers

#79 – Optimize Your robots.txt File

Exclude Google and all other search engine robots and crawlers from your sensitive parts of your site like your admin panel and some security pages. You can simply do it using robots.txt file to your site.

I recommended for this : robots.txt: The ultimate guide

#80 – Make Homepage Fast

Remove unwanted things specially video content, images and ads above the fold. Because make home pages ideally shouldn’t be splash pages. Simply focus on having the text and text-based navigation bar and make it clean and simple.

The best SEO tips about homepage : Homepage SEO Tips

#81 – Use Permanent (301) Redirect for Moved or Deleted Pages

Always use 301 redirects to point out the old pages to the new URLs.

Some pages you might be delete and some pages are moved to other place, so you can simply use the permanent 301 redirect for those pages with the new one URLs.

#82 – If You’re Using WordPress, Use Yoast SEO Plugin

There are numerous SEO plugins are available in the market for WordPress users. But I highly recommended you to use the free Yoast’s SEO plugin that makes it simply to handle almost all the common on-page SEO factors.

It also helps you to make custom post title, meta description for search engine robots.

#83 – Create “Guides” With Bunch of Links & Shares

If you want to rank for anything that’s are enough to write like under 500 words are truly over. Now today, creating something bigger, lengthy and cool in depth guides that helps people to find almost bunch of information within single place.

Example: 101 Best SEO Tips for Small Businesses

So create some INCREDIBLE guides for your readers by adding old content using more links and getting more shares and higher traffic.

#84 – Create List Posts to Get More Visitors

As I mention above, people loves to see all the relevant information within one place. So simply create list posts that helps you to got something amazing result.

seo tips

List posts are still highly profitable, shareable and linkable.

Also list posts telling your visitors exactly what they watch in the page.

Like you know you’re going to get 101 SEO tips right?

#85 – Include Real World Case Studies

I highly appreciate this thing and getting more inspired after reading and watching the real world case studies.

Like Brian Dean from backlinko published Case Studies on SEO Strategy.

Including the actual and real data and examples is a great for building trust.

#86 – Use Your Focus Keyword in Your First 100 Words

First paragraph of your article is the most important and has the highest authority. It is an older on-page SEO approach, but still including your primary focused keyword in the first 100 words helps you more.

Also when visitors comes to site and reading the first paragraph and again seeing the same exact keyword then they realize that they comes to the right place.

#87 – Don’t Use Paid Links

Paid links doesn’t gives you anything except a few clicks. Also search engine hates these paid links specially of low-quality links. So avoid these unless and unnecessary links.

#88 – Try to Get Links from .Edu Domains

.Edu domains has the highest authority in the internet in search engine eyes and if you’ve got a links from these sites, then believe me you’ll going like a skyrocket.

These links given nice weight by the search engines. So try your best to get links from these sites but naturally don’t be over smart.

#89 – Pay Attention on Text Surrounding Your Images

No doubt images has the highest searches now a days and it has a high impact in search results. Images can rank based on the text that surrounds them in the content. So pay attention as much to that texts, including the keywords, image related words, headings etc.

#90 – Don’t Write Long Article Just for The Sake Of It!

Many people think that long articles getting greater preference than short article. Search engine loves long articles too.

That’s TRUE!

But if something should be short.

Then keep it short.

Not writing a words just for the sake of it.

#91 – Include Table of Contents for Long Content

I earlier said that, writing a long articles helps you to getting more searches and more traffic. So when you create long article, including the table of contents with internal links to specific sections on your page.

If you do this properly, they can help to increase your number of clicks.

#92 – Create Free Tools for Readers

As you’ve a high number of readers on your site on daily basis.

It’s Good.

But they don’t always your readers. When they find any other good piece of content, they gone. So what you can?
Simply create Tools.

People loves tools specially free tools that helps them off.

Like, Sitemap Generator, Keyword Finder, Word Counter etc.

#93 – Finish With a Compelling Call to Action

Always at the end of your post, include something amazing. Ask your readers to like, share and comment your article or simply sign up your email list.

If they’ve read your post through to the end, they are engaged with your content will be taken some action like comment below, share your post and sign up your email list.

#94 – Understand Social Media Marketing

Many people ignore social media marketing. But it is also a part of SEO tips. The more you understand about it the better you will be able to compete in search.

Learn about Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc…, marketing and getting tons of visitors to your site easily.

#95 – Don’t Over-Optimize Anchor Text

There is no doubt, exact matched anchor text can help you to rank for a specific keywords. But keep in mind that Google Penguin get you into hot water if you’ve too many exact match anchors.

So don’t over-optimize anchor text, but even though exact match anchor can help you.

#96 – Don’t Rely on Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keyword is the best for higher ranking. FAIR Enough.

But Google Panda targeting a bunch of long tail keywords ineffective. Instead, using a long tail keywords, you can use medium tail keywords.

#97 – Get Keyword Ideas from Wikipedia

Wikipedia’s is the knowledgeBase which is ranked almost every time on the first result on search. Are you looking for keyword research?

Wikipedia’s is the best for you. In Wikipedia’s table of contents can have some AWESOME keywords in them. So choose wisely and getting ideas from them.

#98 – Find Keyword Ideas on Quora

Quora is also the best for researcher to find out answers of your questions. In terms of keyword research, Quora is a goldmine, because it is all about asking and answering questions.

#99 – Hack Google Suggest Using My WildCard

Finding keywords on Google is very easy and most useful than any other method.

Simply use Google suggest to find variations of the keyword “SEO Tips”.

Sure, you can type “SEO tips” into Google and see what keywords it shows you.

seo tips in google suggest

But now, here play my Wildcard technique, simply include ” _ ” in the starting point and getting amazing keyword ideas.

#100 – Make Sure Your Website Looks Good On All Devices

Responsive design of your website now a days is most important factor in search ranking. People now a days not only use desktop PC, they try to use smartphones, tablets, iPhones and other devices.

So make sure that your website looks great on all the devices. So for this purpose, simply use responsive design themes, templates etc.

#101 – SEO About Search Engines Not YOU

Mostly people think that SEO is all about what you done while managing your site. Somehow it’s TRUE.

But one thing keep in mind that, SEO is all about search engines, not about YOU.

So while doing SEO of your website, make sure that you can SEO optimize your site by follow the rules, guidelines given by the search engines.

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