How to Start a Blog on Tumblr Site in Next 3 Minutes (Ultimate Blogging Guide)

How to Start a Blog on Tumblr Site in Next 3 Minutes (Ultimate Blogging Guide)

There are two major leading blogging platforms to create a blog now a days Blogger and WordPress. I've discussed about them in great length later, but

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There are two major leading blogging platforms to create a blog now a days Blogger and WordPress. I’ve discussed about them in great length later, but now today I choose a very popular and leading young generation platform called “Tumblr” a rich media blogging platforms that provide you the facility to create a free blogs.

starting a blog on tumblr

Starting a blog on Tumblr is so easy and important in today world because everyone use different microblogging websites to share their views about the world. Tumblr is growing quickly as more and more people realize it’s importance due to its ease of use and features.

You can make a free blog with Tumblr in just a 2 minutes by visiting the Tumblr homepage and following the below steps I’ll mention. Choosing your primary tumblr blog, name, link and avatar that you use to create your first blog during the account setup is much important than other options.

Tumblr is as much as easy to use service, and aims to not only simplify the user experience, but to make the end result appear as more beautiful as any other blogging platforms.

How to Start a Blog On Tumblr Site (called Tumblogs)

Firstly, like almost all other sites, you need an account to starting a blog, so first of all go to the Tumblr homepage. It’s very easy they just want your email address, your strong password and a unique URL of your blog. So are you ready to creating your first Tumblr site!

Step1 – Go to the Official Tumblr website.

starting a blog on tumblr

Step2 – Click on the upper right corner on “Sign Up” button to create your new account with Tumblr or click on “Get Started” button.

starting a blog on tumblr

Step3 – Fill out the form with your valid email address, a strong password and a username.

starting a blog on tumblr

Step4 – Here simply enter your age about how old are you. *(Don’t worry use fake Age). Tick the below checkbox and enter Captcha and click on “Done” button.

Step5 – Now here just follow any at least 5 categories that make your newsfeed with latest posts. You can choose according to your taste and interest. Like Tech, Education, Food etc.

starting a blog on tumblr

Note That: Please confirm your email address before further using the Tumblr Dashboard.

starting a blog on tumblr

Step6 – After confirmation of your email address, now here is the dashboard of your account where you can manage out your all tumblr blogs. You can create as much Tumblr sites within single account as you want.

Step7 – Well Done! You’ve done all your work and your first Tumblr blog is ready to use. Here is the URL of your blog. “” which we use as a username while creating our tumblr account.

starting a blog on tumblr

Note: You can also use your custom domain instead of subdomain with Tumblr site just by buying your domain name, and then attach it with your Tumblr blog easily.

How to Setting Up Your New Tumblr Blogs

After creating your website with Tumblr, now here are some basic but important steps that helps you to setting up your newly created Tumblr site. So follow the steps below to setup your site.

Step1 – First of all, click on the setting icon on the upper right corner on your blog.

starting a blog on tumblr

Step2 – Click on “Edit Appearance” and change the title, picture, cover according to your need and click on the save button.

Step3 – Below are some important options, you can change according to your need. Like change the username of your blog, change the theme or edit it, and use other options.

starting a blog on tumblr

Changing the Tumblr Themes

Themes or templates are the structure of your site. Tumblr provide you different free and paid themes to make your blog unique with others. By default Tumblr use Tumblr Official theme on all their blogs. But you can change it just by going to their setting and click on “Edit Theme” option. (Like Above)

Here you can customize the default theme, like its title, colors, avatar, shape, title color, font color, background etc or you can also change the theme of your blog. Just click on the “Browse Theme” button and find the theme which you love one.


After that, you can click on “All Theme” option and a drop down list open, here select “Free Themes” and below you can choose which you look great to your blog. Some themes are premium like paid and some are totally free with source code. So you can able to open source code of the theme too.


So in this way, you can completely customize your Tumblr site according to your taste and interest. You can also upload your own created third party theme too on your blog.

How to Post Content On Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr gives you the option to posting different type of content on your Tumblr site. You can share text based posts, Photos, Quote, Links, Chat, Audio, Video etc. According to your taste, just pick the option which you want and share your content on your new blog.


So after choose your desired format, adding post what you want. Like below I’ll sharing my first Text post on Tumblr site. You can also include links, images, blockquotes within text posts.


Connecting With Other Tumblr Blogs

There are different type of ways you can connect with other Tumblr blogs which you want to love and find out their latest posts. You can able to Love their posts and Reblog their posts too.


Loving a post will result in a link to the post that you can visit when you’re on your dashboard. Reblogging means their post will be published on your own Tumblr blog.


Following a Tumblr user or Tumblr site will bring all their latest posts to your dashboard, where you can catch up all their mind thinking at one place.

Final words about Tumblr!

Tumblr is definitely one of the world most leading, ease-to-use and streamlined young generation blogging platform which provide easiest way to starting a free blog sites. By interacting with many other users, you’ll never run out of the material to blog or reblog about it.

If you already confused about it, don’t worry I’m here to help you, just comment below your problem and I’ll be solve it as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Tumblr site. Happy Blogging!!!