50 Top Earning Bloggers Who Living a Laptop Lifestyle | Make Money Blogging

50 Top Earning Bloggers Who Living a Laptop Lifestyle | Make Money Blogging

Here is the list of 50 top and successful earning bloggers who making their livings online. Now today, I'll share a list of 50 top earning bloggers

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Here is the list of 50 top and successful earning bloggers who making their livings online.

Now today, I’ll share a list of 50 top earning bloggers with their blogs in the world that make money blogging online and living a laptop lifestyle. These are the world well-known bloggers who making a Millions $$$ while sleeping.

The main purpose of writing this article for motivation and trying to show you how well they are making from their blogs. So if you want to do something on the internet, try to start a blog.

Blog writing is so easy as everyone can do it, but quality blog writing takes some practice as well as effort. Many newbies trying to start a blog and then monetize it with different ways to make money online.

The sound look like awesome and so easy, but it’s not.

Many top earning blogs share their secret of earning and share tips how to start a blog and how to make money online blogging.

I’ve find and reads many blogs and now today, I share a list of 50 successful bloggers in the world who making money online from their blogs and living a laptop lifestyle.


Remember that, Some of the website’s featured in my list are only estimates and are not all 100% correct just a indication of how well they are doing regarding making money from their single blog. If you would like to be featured in this list or know of any top blogger’s that should, please comment below!

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the TOP EARNING BLOGGERS list below. I’ve followed almost all these bloggers and learn something new everyday. In my latest series, I also trying to interviewed these successful bloggers and share on BloggerHope, so stay tuned!

50 Top Earning Bloggers Who Making Money Online

1 TechCrunch Michael Arrington $900,000 Advertising Banners
2 The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington $890,000 PPC Network
3 Mashable Pete Cashmore $800,000 Advertising Banners
4 SmashingMagazine Vitaly Friedman $500,000 Advertising Banners
5 Engadget Peter Rojas $450,000 Advertising Banners
6 Tuts Plus Collis Taeed $400,000 Membership Area
7 Life Hacker Nick Denton $400,000 Advertising Banners
8 Gizmodo Attila Talos $300,000 Advertising Banners
9 Venture Beat Matt Marshall $200,000 Advertising Banners
10 Perez Hilton Mario Lavandeira $170,000 Advertising Banners
11 SmartPassiveIncome Pat Flynn $150,000 Affiliate Commission
12 Problogger Darren Rowse $130,000 Affiliate Commission
13 WikiHow Jack Herrick $130,000 PPC Network
14 Kotaku Nick Denton $100,000 Advertising Banners
15 Gothamist Jake Dobkin $85000 Advertising Banners
16 Slash Gear Ewdison Then $80,000 Advertising Banners
17 TimothySykes Timothy Sykes $70,000 Affiliate Commission
18 Noupe Noupe $60,000 Advertising Banners
19 CopyBlogger Brian Clark $60,000 Affiliate Commission
20 Car Advice Alborz Fallah $55,000 Advertising Banners
21 Steve Pavlina Steve Pavlina $50,000 PPC Network
22 Abduzeedo Fabio Sasso $40,000 Advertising Banners
23 Dooce H.B Armstrong $40,000 PPC Network
24 Talking Points Memo J.M Marshall $38,000 Advertising Banners
25 WPBeginner Syed Balkhi $35,000 Affiliate Commission
26 ShoutMeLoud Harsh Agrawal $35,000 Affiliate Commission
27 Labnol Amit Agarwal $32,000 PPC Network
28 ShoeMoney Jeremy Shoemaker $30,000 Advertising Banners
29 John Chow John Chow $30,000 Affiliate Commission
30 LifeWire Life Wire $25,000 Advertising Banners
31 Entrepreneur Journey Yaro Starak $22,000 Advertising Banners
32 Income Diary Michael Dunlop $20,000 Affiliate Commission
33 Neil Patel Neil Patel $20,000 Affiliate Commission
34 Phone Arena Varun Krishnan $16,000 Advertising Banners
35 Expert Photograhpy Joshua Dunlop $15,000 Membership Area
36 BloggersIdeas Jitendra Vaswani $12,000 Affiliate Commission
37 MyBloggerTricks Mustafa Ahmadzai $10,000 Advertising Banners
38 HellBoundBloggers Pradeep Kumar $8,000 Advertising Banners
39 Trak Arun Prabhudesai $7,000 Advertising Banners
40 OnlineIncomeTeacher Matt Smith $5,000 Advertising Banners
41 1stWebDesigner Dainis Graveris $4,000 Product Sales
42 PCMech David Risley $3500 Affiliate Commission
43 YourStory Shradha Sharma $3,000 Advertising Banners
44 OnlineUstaad Sir.Abdul Wali $2,000 Advertising Banners
45 ProPakistani Aamir Atta $2,000 Advertising Banners
46 GuidingTech Abhijeet Mukherjee $1600 Affiliate Commission
47 MyBloggerLab Faizan Ali $1200 Advertising Banners
48 BloggingCage Kulwant Nagi $1100 Affiliate Commission
49 Zac Johnson Zac Johnson $1000 Affiliate Commission
50 BlogTyrant Ramsay $1000 Affiliate Commission

How They Make Money Blogging Online?

There are different methods to monetize your blog or websites and make money online. These top blogger’s are using over a dozen of methods to monetize their blog according to their blog niche/topic.

Some blog topic or niches are easier to promote different products on a very high paying keywords and earn money from them, some niches are easy to drive millions of unique visitors to your blog.

So here are I discussed some most used methods that these top earning bloggers use and making money online blogging.

PPC Network (Pay Per Click Advertisement)


PPC means Pay Per Click advertising network. These network provide you a advertising banner ads or other kinds of ads and when your visitors click on that ads, you will get paid.

The most famous and high paying PPC network is the “Google AdSense” which is owned by Google. People are making millions of $$$ from just a Google AdSense.

So If you’ve a blog, simply apply for Google AdSense account and when it approve your account, you can implement their ads on your blog or website, and make money online.

Advertising Banners (Display Banner Ads)


This is also same like Google AdSense network. But in this case, you don’t need to get a visitor clicks, as much higher your website traffic, as much you can make money.

In this method, you can selling your ads spaces and when advertiser interesting at that place, they can show their ads and pay you according to your fix rate.

The most popular banner advertisements network is BSA (BuySellAds). People are making thousands of dollars every month from this banner advertising platform.

CPM Network (Cost Per Mile Advertisement)


CPM means Cost Per Mile network. In this technique, you can make money from your blog traffic. This is best for those website and blogs who receive millions of traffic.

They pay you according to your blog traffic. As higher your traffic as much you can make money. Advertisers pay you for every thousands impressions rate and then calculate your final earning.

The No.1 CPM network is the Yahoo/Bing Contexual Ads Network. So if your site has a huge traffic, then you can make huge money from Yahoo/Bing ads network.

Affiliate Commission / Affiliate Sales


Affiliate Marketing is the most successful internet business and people are doing it well and making millions of dollars just by selling other products and getting huge commissions per sale.

This is the most popular way to monetize your blogs. You can promote different products according to your blog niche and when someone buys through your affiliate links, you’ll get paid.

Selling Products

selling-products online

The very other method to making money online is the product selling. It is just like affiliate marketing, but in this method you can selling your own products not others.

These successful bloggers selling different products on their website and blogs and making millions $$$. So if you’ve knowledge about anything you can create products like ebooks, tools, plugins, themes and selling them on your blog.

There are also many other ways to monetize your blog. You can use these methods and many others to monetize your sites and making millions of dollars $$$.

I share this list of top earning blogs who making money online blogging and living a laptop lifestyle just for motivational and inspirational purposes.

If you know about any other top blogger who deserve to included in this list, comment below!

So after reading this whole article, I hope you might be wonder to start your own blog and trying to making money from blogging. If you want any help in your blogging career feel free to contact me.

To Your Blogging Success,

Aamir Saleem Ansari