Ultimate Guide Choose Best Domain Name for Your Blog / Website

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Choosing a best domain name for your blog or website is little difficult that best works for SEO and branding. Choosing a blog name is obviously quite important for all of you now a days.

In today blogospere, you can easily found some amazing, really interesting names and some are much SEO friendly like “Backlinks”, “Blogging”, SEOTips and much more.

These are the primary keywords and if this is your domain with any possible extension (such as .com, .net, .org etc) then believe me you can get much extra benefits of SEO point of view.

How I got this idea of sharing this amazing tips to choose a domain name for your blog or website. Last night, I’ve been working on my PC Laptop and searching some suitable name for my new project. I’m reading an amazing book which I got from my friend with the name of “Names for Your Projects”.

An amazing book in which all the necessary things are discussed which are necessary for your new project name. So I’ve got an idea to share something unique but helpful tips that helps you while choosing or buying a domain name for your blog or website or any web applications.

Helpful Tutorial: How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog


After searching a lot, I realized that the name for anything, like any human, any animal, any plants, any tech things as well as anything in this universe, is perfect due to their nature and taste.

So if you want to start a blog or website or even any online web application then domain name is compulsory for you and if you buy a domain name for SEO friendly then it also more helpful for you and your blog / website ranking.

11 Tips for Choosing / Buying Domain Name for your Blog/Website

When you want to start a blog, choosing a valuable and best domain name can be stressful task because you don’t want to make a mistake while buying domain name for your blog. To make this process more easier, then simply follow these top 11 tips that helps you to find a best, useful, SEO friendly domain name for your blog or website.

#1 – Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very important technique in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Without keyword research, you can be able to find out your primary keyword which helps you to get huge amount of traffic from search engines to your website or blog.

First find out, on which topic you want to start a blog or website and want to buying a domain name for it. Then simply research your main keywords and noted them.

You can use different keyword research tools to search keywords for your newly website or newly blogs. Then use them and getting huge amount of organic traffic.

#2 – Include Primary Keyword

Keywords are the best way to rank your blog easily with little effort. Primary keywords are those words about which you want to make your website or blog. e.g: If you want to start a blog on blogging, then you must include blogging, blog or blogger keyword inside your domain name. See my domain name : BloggerHope.Com

If you start a blog on technology, then it is important to add tech keywords inside your domain name when you buy it. See examples below :

If you want to start a blog on health tips related, then you can add the primary keyword, health or fitness like below:





These examples are very helpful for those who want to buying a domain name for their blogs or website or any other online business ventures.

The domain name should suggest the nature of your entire blog, or website, your products or service etc. A good domain name describes exactly what the site is about.

So always included your primary keyword inside your required domain name. If primary keyword are included into your domain name then it is very helpful for your domain ranking in search engine.

#3 – Keep it Short

Remember that, if your domain name is very long and more complex, then you risk your customers mistyping or misspelling it while browsing your site online. Short and simply domain name is much helpful and easy to remember for your visitors and customers.

For Example:  google.com,  bing.com,  wix.com

There are different range of opinions on what the ideal length of the domain name is? Technically you can have one with up to 67 characters long in it but it is generally accepted that is short ones are better.

#4 – Easy to Remember

As I discussed above that your domain must be short and simple. A domain name should be easy to remember because your visitors / readers will want to type your domain name in the web browser search bar to access your site.

If your domain name is difficult to remember, then you lost huge traffic. You can also spread the word and telling others to visit your site easily if your domain name sweet, simple and easy to remember.

#5 – Domain Extensions

Are you know about what is meant by Extension? An extensions are some kind of words that are used at the end of each domain. There are different domain extensions are used now a days in the market but the three basic and the most popular extensions are .com, .net and .org etc.

You’ve any kind of business website, educational sites, or even your personal blog, these extensions domains might seem more ideal.

But these are not only fixed, there are also many others extensions which are used by thousands or even millions of people all over the globe. These extensions included, .info, .club, .live, .tv, .me, .tech, .pk and many others.

#6 – Stick with .Com Extension

As I told above that there are different kinds of domain extensions are used in all kinds of businesses. But I personally recommended you to choose .Com domain and stick with it.

I always recommended choosing a .com domain name. Because it can be tempting to come up with ideal blog names using extensions, a .com domain is still the most established and credible domain extension over the globe.

If your domain about blogging, then you can easily choose blogging.com, if this domain is not available, then don’t worry you can choose blogging4u.com, or add any other words find if available in .com extension and buy it without further thought.

Remember that: There is no benefit with SEO, because search engines treats the same with all other domain extensions. There is no matter if your required domain name have any extension. If you not find your domain name in .com extension, then you can choose .net or .org extensions too.

#7 – Target Your Area / Target Audience

There are mainly two types of businesses are found in the world, one is local business which is considered within the same area which you focus. Like if you’re from Pakistan and selling something just for the people of Pakistan, then your business is local.

If you’re from Pakistan and your products will be available outside the Pakistan to all over the globe, then your business will be known as International.

If your business is local category, including your city or state or country, then it is important to add some third level domain extensions into your domain, which helps you customers easy to remember your domain name, and it will be ranked easily in search engines like Google.

For example : yoursite.com.pk or yoursite.com.us etc.

#8 – Avoid Numbers & Hyphons (Special Characters)

As there are many high level popular domains are available which included numbers and hyphons inside their domains like w3schools.com or soft32.com.

But I not recommended you to use numbers of hyphons ( – ) known as DASH, inside your domain. Because it is very difficulty for your readers to remember it.

Sometimes people will be forgotten about hyphons ( – ) and not use it, so your site lose much traffic. People who hear about your website address don’t know if you’re using a numbers or dash, because they forget the dash. So always avoid to use numbers & hyphons.

#9 – Don’t Buying a Domain That Infringe Another Company

You may know that, it is very careful here because it is very difficult decision. Always keep in mind that, all online services have their own copyrights and legal laws and terms.

There are many well established companies available now a days, but many newbies who doesn’t know about that companies, they register a domain name related to their own trademark domain name.

This is a biggest legal issue and you may lose many things if you doing it. So always keeps away from these issues, before buying any domain name, first search about that similar domain in other extensions and find whether it is already established trademark or not then buy your domain.

#10 – Make it Unique & Brandable

You should always purchase various domain extensions, as well as misspelled versions of your domain name. This prevents competitors from registering other versions and ensures your customers are directed to your website even if they mistype you domain in browser.

Always make your blog domain name unique and memorable, so you’ll stand out in your readers minds. Always keeps in mind that, you don’t want to accidentally use a trademark name or get accused of copying another blogger same way.

You can choose short, sweet and simple domain name that’s more brandable and easy to remember for your readers. Brandable domain names are unique, short, sweet, catchy and memorable. For example, facebook.com, youtube.com, Amazon.com etc.

#11 – Make Sure Your Name is Available on Other Social Media Sites

As this is the era of social media, everyone has social media accounts and using on daily basis. So it is important for you to create your own personal profiles as well as your business pages on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media sites.

When you buying a domain name, make sure that the domain name is available on all other social media sites which impacts on search engines as well as your readers.

Some Recommended Places to Register Your Domain Name

There are hundreds of domain registrars are available now a days on all over the globe where you can easily register your domain name and host your website or blog on it. But keep in mind that, all these are not good for you.

So below I’ll share some recommended domain registrars which are fully trusted and working on all over the world. Just like Web Hosting for Website, domain pricing for registrations can also be vary between $9 to $20.

If you’re want to start a blog, then it is a smart idea to get this deal given below. You can simply buy a website web hosting and getting a free domain name. You can get up to 75% off via this deal. Below I’ll share 3 top class web hosting provider companies which are fully trusted and recommended by every blogger & web developer.

BLUEHOST – Without any doubt, BlueHost is one of the biggest most trusted WordPress Hosting Provider company with free domain. I fully trusted on it. So you can choose it as a best web hosting provider.

iPAGE – My personal experienced and recommended web hosting is iPage. Bloggerhope.Com is also hosted on iPage web servers which provides great supports and amazing offers to their customers. It is one of the oldest web hosting provider company in the world.

But if you want to register only a domain name for your website or blogs, then there are many companies available but I recommended you to go via Godaddy, Namecheap, and NetworkSolutions.