What is SERP / Search Engine Results Page?

What is SERP / Search Engine Results Page?

SERP is stands for "Search Engine Results Page". The web pages that appears in search engine when any one search any query in search engine. When s

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SERP is stands for “Search Engine Results Page”. The web pages that appears in search engine when any one search any query in search engine.

When searcher enter any query in search bar and hit enter button, then in response search engine displayed many different web pages results this is called SERP.

It is a very important term in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a marketing technique which is used for get higher ranking in search engine and getting more organic traffic.

So as much you’ve doing well SEO of your site, as well your web pages displayed in search engine results and you’ll getting as much more organic traffic.

In general, search engine displayed three kinds of SERP results. First those results that are listing and indexed by search engine robots and appears in response to a any keyword search term.


The second SERP are those web pages which are search engines itself indexed to their database and displayed to users when they search that term.

The third SERP is the paid advertisements which are displayed for some specific keywords. When anyone search any keyword in Google, then they’ll also seeing many different kinds of paid advertisement results.

So these are three basic and general categories of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). SERP is a very valuable piece of web real-estate that are often overlooked. It should stand out uniquely while other relevant results.

As you’ve seen many times people said that Organic Traffic. Basically organic traffic are those which we get free of cost via search engines or social media sites. But if your site doesn’t rank well for a some specific keyword then you can simply buy this #1 position in the search engine results page, simply by buying the PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements like in Google or Bing.

There are millions of even billions of web pages are uploaded till time which Google managed by using it’s algorithms. Are you know how search select out first top 10 results for a some specific keywords from these billions results see the video of how search works by Matt Cutts.

Video : How Search Engine Works By Matt Cutts

Basically only two type of traffic we get from search engines first is organic which is free of cost and done via SEO and other marketing techniques and the second one is Paid traffic which we done via buying PPC ads like Google AdWords.

Organic Traffic (Organic Search Results) :

If you’ve a blog or website or just want to start a blog soon, then the very first question rise into your mind, how to get search engine organic traffic. The question is very simple you’ve work hard on your website SEO, and other things like Backlinks.

If you’re doing well your website SEO, then believe me you’ll easily get the first position in SERP, and getting huge number of visitors from search engines.

According to search engines and other top brand SEO companies surveys and reports, about 91% people view on Google first page top 10 results and remaining 9% goes to Google second page. Each page of Google search engine results usually contains 10 organic results.

But the first 3 – 5 results are most important, because it’s click through rate (CTR) is about 90%. People usually clicks on first 3 to 5 results only and if they find these are not useful and doesn’t fulfill their requirements, they can search out different queries.

According to different reports the CTR’s for the first page goes as :

  • Top #1 Position : 36.2%
  • Top #2 Position : 18%
  • Top #3 Position : 12.1%
  • Top #4 Position : 8.7%
  • Top #5 Position : 6.4%
  • Top #6 Position : 4.8%
  • Top #7 Position : 3.2%
  • Top #8 Position : 2.9%
  • Top #9 Position : 2.7%
  • Top #10 Position : 2.4%

This is not add upto 100% because some people do a search but don’t click on any results and others will directly go to 2nd page if they don’t like the results shown in first page.

Paid Traffic (Paid Search Results) :

As it’s name show that is the paid traffic which we get by spend some money via PPC campaign. You can purchased ads via Google Adwords if you want to display your web pages in search results for a some specific keywords.

These ads are commonly known as “pay per click ads” because Google get some cents or might be a some dollars for a clicks basis that you get via visitors.

There is no doubt, paid ads can be more expensive unless you really know your way around its bidding system for starting a campaign or for buying paid ads.

But I recommend you to work hard on your site SEO make your site more visible to search engines. For this purposes, you’ve do some different tasks:

#1 – Write SEO Optimized Articles

#2 – Focus on Quality not Quantity

#3 – Proper On-Page SEO

#4 – Proper Off-Page SEO

#5 – Always Focus on Your Contents

#6 – Make Videos

#7 – Create Unique Images

#8 – Social Sharing

These are some unique but important factors if you want to get higher ranking in search engines. Without these things you never ever get Google #1 Page Ranking, because there are 200+ different ranking factors which are Google considered and then rank your web page.

The basic or general goal of SEO is to increase your ranking on a given SERPs for some particular keywords or keyword phrase. Now here I discuss the acronym that is very important in SEO, that helps you to get high search engine rankings which you want in SERPs.

Select your keywords to rank for:

Keyword Research is a very important technique in SEO. Without proper keyword selection you never ever get higher rank. So in SERP, the very first step is that to find and select a target keywords you can rank for and work on it.

If you’ve a web hosting business, then there are different well known as higher ranking keywords are available like “Web Hosts”, “Web Hosting”, but the reality is that it will be very difficult to rank for these keywords unless you’re competing to your big brand competitors.

For this purpose,first you write proper and unique high quality contents, making videos, getting quality backlinks and then compete for those keywords.

Eearning Highe Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are the backbone of any high ranking and top brand business. If you’ve a high quality backlinks then it is more easy to get high rank. It is also consider as one of the best way to increase web traffic.

Links are some kinds that points back to your website. Getting natural backlinks is only possible, to write high quality and fresh contents that people loves and want to links your web page to their own web page. So in this way you’ll get quality and natural backlinks.

Research Competitors and Find their Keywords:

This is also one of the best method to get higher ranking, if you steal your competitors keywords. Because they already research that keywords and get rank for those specific words phrase. So if you find their keywords and use properly into your own web page, then you can easily get higher ranking.

Prepare High Quality & Evergreen Contents:

In my opinion, always works on evergreen contents, because they never ever died and any time you’ll get rank via those web pages. No doubt “Content is King” and I personally also force to create some high quality and unique evergreen contents that your readers and others loves to read and want to links back to their own site.

Don’t write contents only for search engines, but it’s also for your customers. Always be sure that your contents, will add value to your website from a customer perspective.